Sunday, October 28, 2012

Meet The Press - October 28, 2012

Al Roker
Gov. Jon Kasich (R-OH)
Gov. Scott Walker (R-WI)
Gov. Hickenlooper (D-CO)
Carly Fiorina
E.J. Dionne
Rachel Maddow
Chuck Todd
Gregory: holy crap 50 million people are
threatened by a superstorm - how does
this affect politics??

Roker: David this storm is 1,000 miles wide
and will probably destroy New York City

Gregory: is there any good news?

Roker: it’s headed straight to New Jersey

Gregory: whew!

Roker: also there will be tsunamis, rain,
and 100 mph winds

Gregory: good lord what else

Roker: we will probably be out of
power for roughly 15  years

Gregory: can be people still vote??

Roker: I vote to get the hell out of here

Gregory: did Obama send this storm to
steal this election?

Todd: no doubt he did

Gregory: Chucky use your expertise to
tell us what are the important states

Todd: forget what I think - look at where
the candidates are going this week -
that tell your everything

Gregory: but they changed their schedules
because of the storm on the east coast

Todd: shit I got nothing

Gregory: I talked to the campaigns and
they told both me they will win

Todd: Romney could pick up 8 million votes!

Gregory: that is so exciting

Todd: Romney can win Ohio, Iowa,
Colorado and Florida!

Gregory: oh my god!

Todd: but even if he does he still loses

Gregory: oh crap

Gregory: Rachel how is Obama making
the argument that you can’t trust Mitt Romney

Maddow: by saying that Fluffy

Gregory: Obama is so wily

Maddow: this week Romney is lying
about Jeeps and the Chinese

Gregory: on the other hand Romney
is arguing that Obama caused the
recession in 2008

Fiorina: you can’t trust Obama because
he hasn’t fixed the Bush recession and
Obama let the Libya consulate be attacked
for 7 hours while he played golf!

Brooks: both sides disappoint me by not
promising to crush the American people entirely

Dionne: Mitt Romney is a lying shape-shifter
- also he would have wrecked Detroit

Brooks: Obama has no second-term agenda

Dionne: yes he does

Fiorina: Romney was in favor of the
auto bailout - but he would have given
the money to bondholders and crushed the unions

Maddow: Romney said you can kiss
the auto industry goodbye if Obama’s
plan is followed

Fiorina: did you know companies that
didn’t need a bailout are doing well

Maddow: so what

Fiorina: so we should vote all for Romney

Todd: Romney wins coal miners
and Obama wins auto workers

Gregory: why is unemployment so low in Ohio?

Kasich: the job creators are so awesome!

Gregory: nice

Kasich: we have a lot of common sense here

Gregory: of course you do

Kasich: the auto industry is stupid
and useless anyway

Gregory: but 1 out of 8 jobs in Ohio
depend on cars

Kasich: look I love cars too but under
Obama we’ve also built up health care
and information technology

Gregory: cool

Kasich: let’s be fair - Romney did not
personally fire anyone in Ohio

Gregory: yes he did

Kasich: well then he didn’t kill anyone here

Gregory: that we know of

Kasich: true enough

Gregory: Mitt Romney says Jon Kasich
brought Ohio 10% unemployment

Kasich: Bush costs up 400,000 jobs

Gregory: please continue

Kasich: small business have a lot of
debt and won’t do anything until all
regulations are repealed and taxes cut

Gregory: good

Kasich: also we need to cut the
debt and cut taxes

Gregory: awesome

Kasich: it’s all very psychological - businesses
live in fear of non-commonsense regulations

Gregory: does Romney have any
core principles at all?

Kasich: Romney created jobs and
he is a job creator

Gregory: ok

Kasich: he is a Pure Leader®

Gregory: ok

Kasich: also he’s a job creator

Gregory: why should people vote for Romney

Kasich: look at the first debate!

Gregory: what about the other two debates?

Kasich: look at the first debate!

Gregory: can Ohio count the votes in one night

Kasich: yes because all independent votes
will deliver a blowout for Romney

Gregory: wow

[ break ]

Gregory: what about Ohio

Maddow: the GOP in Ohio is panicking
about unions and early voting

Brooks: white people are only voting for
Obama because of fracking

Maddow: Bobo I want access to the
hallucinogenic materials you regularly ingest

Brooks: Romney should have run as
the second coming of Mitch Daniels

Todd: what makes Ohio different from
all other states?

Gregory: bitter herbs?

Todd: bitter guys named Herb

Gregory: fascinating

Todd: Obama is winning white guys in Ohio

Dionne: because Kasich hates unions

Brooks: we all do

Dionne: Michigan is adding jobs and by the
way Republicans opposed the auto bailout

Fiorina: that’s not true - we just opposed
workers and favors lenders

Gregory: excellent

Fiorina: Republicans have a plan -
cut taxes and cut the deficit

Gregory: people like the growing economy
but people *feel* that the Obama
record is lackluster

Maddow: I *feel* in my gut that I
will be taking your jobs soon

Brooks: politics is dysfunctional and it’s
all Obama’s fault and also Mitt Romney
kind of sucks too

Gregory: welcome Governors your states
are of course tied as everything is everywhere

Walker: thanks for the invite Fluff

Gregory: Hicks why should I vote for Obama?

Hickenlooper: Republicans caused the
recession and Obama has turned the
U.S. economy around

Gregory: so you say

Hickenlooper: also Romney will cut taxes
for the rich and eliminate the tax
deduction for charity

Walker: no one cares that the GOP wrecked
the economy so many many years ago

Gregory: what else

Walker: Obama has no plan

Gregory: of course he does

Walker: Obama ruined the great
economy we gave him and
also the first debate

Gregory: what about the first debate?

Walker: first debate!!

Gregory: how can we cut taxes and
also cut the debt?

Walker: who cares about math - people want action!

Gregory: that is true

Walker: Obama will make my grandchildren poor

Gregory: I see

Walker: supply side economics works!

Gregory: excellent

Walker: in Wisconsin we went from 9%
unemployment  to 7% !

Gregory: so did Obama nationally

Walker: see how terrible Obama is?

Gregory: governor don’t we have to cut Medicaid?

Hickenlooper: we can’t get anything done
with the Tea Party ruining everything

Gregory: do we have enough guns in America?

Hickenlooper: there are 120 million shotguns
in America - that’s probably enough

Walker: we need to stand with domestic
violence victims!

Gregory: thanks for coming guys

Gregory: coming up next the fight for
women and latino voters - who will
Rosie Perez vote for??

[ break ]

Gregory: candidates all over are fighting
for the women’s vote for example a GOP
Indiana Senate candidate got women’s
attention by saying rape is god’s will

Fiorina: Richard Murdock said a really stupid
thing but women don’t care about that -
they care about how Romney will give
them health care and how Obama
caused the recession in 2008

Maddow: this is the party in favor of forced
ultrasounds, redefining rape, banning
birth control - you can’t avoid this fight
with Paul Ryan on the ticket

Todd: Romney is more popular than
the Republican party and if he loses it will
be the fault of these crazy people

Fiorina: no fair - it will also be a
gaffe-prone candidate, a terrible
campaign, and idiotic spokespeople

Brooks: single women do not want weird
old men inside their vaginas and
I have no idea why

Dionne: Romney has running screaming
from the Tea Party but won’t separate
himself from Richard Murdock

Gregory: I have been paying close attention
to this race and I have no idea want
Romney or Obama stand for

Todd: Romney has an advantage because
he just has to convince people he is not a
sociopath while Obama has to prove has
not invented a time machine to cause past
recessions and he seems like a smarty-pants
who would hide a time machine if he had one

Fiorina: we have a clear choice between
someone who will bring back the economic
recovery under George Bush or Obama
who caused a recession four years ago

Maddow: that’s completely crazy

Fiorina: also Romney is bipartisan and
Obama could not work with the Republicans

Maddow: because Republicans refused
to work with Obama

Dionne: it’s political extortion

Fiorina: see how weak Obama is!

Gregory: and that’s another
episode of Meet The Press


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Watch it, CoT.

Rmoney is going to break like the wind.

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