Sunday, October 30, 2011

This Week with Christiane Amanpour - October 30, 2011

Michele Bachmann (R-MN)
Austan Goolsbee
Dick Armey
Ron Brownstein
Cokie Roberts
George Will
Amanpour: good morning - there was a
major snowstorm in October and there was
a deadly attack in Kabul

Tapper: one of the worst ever Christiane

Amanpour: too bad - now we have to stay
in Afghanistan forever

Tapper: of course

Amanpour: Cain is leading Iowa!

Karl: Herman Cain’s campaign videos
have dudes on horseback smoking
and chugging whiskey

Audience: yee ha

Perry: shoot I may skip debatin’ dang it

Audience: oh noe

Romney: I don’t talk about politics -
that’s for the people to decide

Karl: Hillary Clinton for President!

Amanpour: Michele Bachmann was the leader
and now no one cares about her - it will take
a miracle for her to get the nomination

Bachmann: I’m sitting right here

Amanpour: oh hai

Bachmann: I’m still running for President!

Amanpour: are you sure?

Bachmann: Remember Fred Thompson?

Amanpour: wasn’t he a bad actor on
some crime show?

Bachmann: I’m the tip of the spear!

Amanpour: Are concentrating all of your
efforts on Iowa?

Bachmann: not all - I’m also focused on
losing New Hampshire

Amanpour: how could you possibly recover
from losing Iowa?

Bachmann: I wrote one the few hundred bills
to repeal Obamacare!

Amanpour: as President would you declare
war on Iran?

Bachmann: I would be very different from
Obama on Iran

Amanpour: how?

Bachmann: by not taking my eye off the
Iran nuclear ball

Amanpour: that should take care of the problem

Bachmann: we should listen whenever an
insane person speaks!

Amanpour: Is that your campaign slogan?

Bachmann: Iran was going to blow up a
Washington DC restaurant where dozens of
expense accounts could have been damaged!

Amanpour: would you go to war with Iran or not?

Bachmann: oh no because it’s not in our
national interest

Amanpour: you would have left Qadaffi in power

Bachmann: Obama is a very sneaky muslim
who secretly wanted to overthrow that nice
man Qaddafi without telling Congress

Amanpour: how underhanded

Bachmann: there is great uncertainty in Libya -
why extremists could take power in Libya which
would be terrible!

Amanpour: so very little cost and no troops
killed - and you still say it wasn’t worth it?

Bachmann: yes because in Libya there is a
struggle for power - do we want someone good
and decent like Qadaffi or an extremist who might
use oil revenues to create a global Caliphate??

Amanpour: you said 59,000 Yemenis and Syrians
came instead of 11 people from Yemen which
seems slightly off

Bachmann: look if there is even one undocumented
immigrant that proves Obama is letting terrorists
into America

Amanpour: also Yemen is not a state
sponsor of terror

Bachmann: Yes but they are coming from
Mexico and I would a build a big fence
argle bargle!!

Amanpour: Are you soft on flat taxes?

Bachmann: the biggest problem in America is
that poor people in the U.S. are not paying
enough federal income tax

Amanpour: I see

Bachmann: I would abolish the federal tax code
and replace it with a a series of graduated
income tax rates

Amanpour: thank for that amazing interview
Rep. Bachmann

[ break ]

Amanpour: Can Herman Cain win?

Will: He’s ahead because no one in Iowa in
paying attention

Roberts: He’s just this week’s alternative to
Mitt Romney

Brownstein: Lots of people hate Romney but
they can’t decide who else is crazy enough

Roberts: which makes him a lot of fun!

Amanpour: Dick do you like Cain?

Armey: You can tell he’s authentic because
he’s so fucking weird

Amanpour: will the Tea Party endorse him?

Armey: don’t be ridiculous

Amanpour: why not?

Armey: I love my grandchildren!

Amanpour: you like Rick Perry?

Armey: we’ve known since 1984 that a flat tax
works and Rick Perry figured it out this week

Brownstein: who can stop Mitt Romney?

Will: Mitt Romney - and I believe he can do it

Amanpour: should Perry skip the debates?

Will: he should skip sucking at them

Amanpour: well obviously George

Will: I miss Lincoln-Douglas

Goolsbee: if you can’t debate Romney you sure
as heck can’t debate Obama

Roberts: the debates are very shallow and
I love them

Brownstein: the debates help remind us who
the hell these people are

Amanpour: Rick Perry will let you choose
your own low taxes

Goolsbee: Rick Perry is the political equivalent
of the leisure suit

Amanpour: good one Austan

Goolsbee: they’re all fighting over who can
lower taxes on the rich the most!

Armey: I don’t understand why all you communists
don’t want to raise taxes on the poor

Brownstein: Mitt Romney is one of those
commies who once opposed a flat tax

Armey: that’s not fair Mitt Romney has held
every political position

Amanpour: good point Dick


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