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Meet The Press - September 5, 2010

Meet The Press
September 5, 2010
Sen. Graham (R-SC)
David Plouffe - Dem political strategist
E.J. Dionne
Charlie Cook
Erin Burnett
Rich Lowry
Gregory: Lindsey President Obama says the economy is doing well but not well enough

Graham: now is not the time to raise taxes -
now is the time to cut taxes!

Gregory: what coincidence

Graham: also we need to eliminate the stimulus
and stop giving people health care

Gregory: so will you repeal the big health care bill or not

Graham: that’s not the point - why aren’t Democrats campaigning on it?

Gregory: why don’t you?

Graham: Obama is a communist

Gregory: if Republicans are so concerned about
the debt why cut taxes?

Graham: Rich people need lower taxes - some of them are having to install aquariums for less $500,000 - it’s so sad

Gregory: suppose Obama agreed to everything you want - would that make you happy?

Graham: I hope he does - but no

Gregory: why do you hate Obama so much

Graham: he raised the debt

Gregory: but your plans would make it worse

Graham: he’s governed from the left ditch

Gregory: so will you win in 2010?

Graham: if we call Obama a debt-raising sleazy socialist we win

Gregory: awesome - so you will take the House
and Senate

Graham: of course - because people hate that marxist Obama

Gregory: but you obstructed Obama at every turn

Graham: right - therefore everything is his fault

Gregory: oh that’s clever

Graham: also he’s weak on terror

Gregory: but Tea Partiers are crazy

Graham: sure but we can agree on great ideas like a Constitutional amendment to ban all spending

Gregory: but you’re too liberal for most conservatives though - and you’re a little nuts

Graham: we need a Contract On America

Gregory: didn’t we have that from 2001-2009?

Graham: we are going show America a great coalition of psychotic tea partiers and closeted Republicans before we become Grease

Gregory: I love Travolta

Graham: oh me too

Gregory: experts say we should not have invaded Iraq

Graham: Saddam violated UN resolutions so
we had to attack

Gregory: I see

Graham: he was not a good citizen

Gregory: but most people think it was a mistake

Graham: sure we invaded Iraq by mistake but history will judge it was brilliant idea by getting al qaeda to go into a country they never were so they could be beaten and go back to Afghanistan

Gregory: can we withdraw from Afghanistan
next summer?

Graham: Obama shouldn’t have said we withdraw regardless of conditions on the ground

Gregory: I should let my viewers know you are
lying right now

Graham: ok dancing dave you got me

[ break ]

Gregory: greetings Pluffy - 19 months of an Obama Presidency and the economy sucks

Plouffe: the GOP brought us a depression - we
lost jobs for years and now because of Obama we’re finally adding jobs

Gregory: good points but it’s still a bad record

Plouffe: this is a choice - Republicans drove the country into a ditch and if give them the keys again they will probably drive it right off a cliff

Gregory: but politically Dems are in trouble

Plouffe: maybe - look we won so many seats in 2006 and 2008 we were bound to lose some of them

Gregory: oh ok

Plouffe: we have to tell people that electing Republicans is a way to total disaster

Gregory: where’s the evidence for that?

Plouffe: their recent record

Gregory: you failed in getting Republicans to act in
a bipartisan way

Plouffe: that’s because they are total assholes

Gregory: so will keep the House and Senate?

Plouffe: probably

Gregory: America hates Obama

Plouffe: that’s crazy - Obama has achieved a
hell of a lot

Gregory: independents hate you guys because they hate big spending

Plouffe: Hey Fluffy Bill Clinton gave Bush a surplus and he blew the whole thing a handed us back a record deficit

Gregory: yes but John McCain’s economist says we should cut taxes on the rich

Plouffe: you really are a moron

Gregory: will you please please cut taxes on the wealthy

Plouffe: no

Gregory: will Obama quit in 2012 if the economy doesn’t turn around

Plouffe: You are such a silly person

Gregory: but will Hillary Clinton primary Obama?

Plouffe: oh fuck you Fluffy

Gregory: was the stimulus originally too small?

Plouffe: no we added 3 million jobs

Gregory: so you say

Plouffe: without the stimulus bill we’d have
20% unemployment

Gregory: Is Obama a liability to candidates?

Plouffe: LOL no he’s magic dood

Gregory: who will Republicans nominate in 2012?

Plouffe: like you fluffers I am clueless

Gregory: will you run Obama’s reelection campaign in 2012?

Plouffe: is there a non-idiot I can talk to?

Gregory: nope just me

[ break ]

Gregory: Erin do businesses like business tax cuts?

Burnett: yes but they want more

Gregory: Obama says at least the U.S. creating jobs

Burnett: actually he’s right we’re in recovery

Lowry: tax cuts are nice but in a $14 trillion economy you need to really really really cut taxes

Dionne: Democrats should pick a fight with the GOP by offering tax cuts for the middle class and raising them on millionaires

Lowry: can imagine if they do extend the Bush tax cuts LOL

Dionne: or you could spend that money on useful projects

Cook: the GOP has to run the table - but they probably will

Gregory: Oh

Cook: Dems wanted to split the GOP vote in Florida but it backfired and they split Dem votes

Gregory: Boxer and Reid are in tough races

Cook: a lot of these Democrats have been lucky before but we’re in a tough economy and that makes everything hard

Dionne: they need Obama to turn out independents but his very existence riles up Republicans

Gregory: there’s a lot of unfocused populist
rage out there

Burnett: I think Obama should say American is a rich great nation

Gregory: is Obama a failure?

Cook: yes he hasn’t added enough jobs

Dionne: He should have emphasized the real failures of the Bush administration early on

Lowry: hey the stimulus didn’t work enough and independents are essentially tea partiers who hate all muslims

Burnett: the stimulus was not a failure - this is the fastest job creation in decades

Lowry: [ eyeroll ]

Burnett: ask any economist and they’ll tell you the facts

Lowry: facts or cares about facts?

Gregory: and that’s another episode of
Meet The Press

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