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Meet The Press - June 19, 2010

Gov. Haley Barbour-(R-MS)
Sen. Mary Landrieu-(D-LA)
Rep. Ed Markey-(D-MA) House Energy and Commerce Committee
John Hofmeister-Former President of Shell Oil
Katty Kay - BBC

Gregory: Hi everyone the worst environmental disaster in American history continues unabated

Reporter: there’s fucking red tape everywhere and
it seems like there’s nothing anyone can do and it’s really fucking maddening Fluffy!

Gregory: what’s up with that asshole CEO?

Reporter: he’s still overseeing the response -
he’s just doing it from a yacht in Britain

Gregory: Hi Governor Barbour how’s it going?

Barbour: look it sucks as long as the oil is flowing - Obama has done fine - but we need to make BP pay!

Gregory: Governor perhaps I wasn’t clear -
I wanted you to bash Barack Obama

Barbour: oh sorry

Landrieu: if it helps I think Obama could have
done better

Gregory: thank you!!

Gregory: now let’s look at the iconic image of this Presidency - an oil spill he has no control over

[ seabed spill image ]

Markey: Shockingly I think BP is to blame -
they are liars or incompetent

Gregory: sure BP isn’t so great - but aren’t we
all really to blame?

Hofmeister: absolutely - although I have to admit using mops probably wasn’t the brightest idea

Gregory: that reminds me - why didn’t Barack Obama sop up the oil by himself?

Kay: Exactly - but there is an inherent tension in that David Gregory insists Obama fix the spill but he
can’t do it because no one can

Landrieu: true - but I would like to point out we’re not relying on BP - we also have Shell and Exxon

Gregory: but that has been a criticism

Landrieu: by you

Gregory: why would the government have processes to do things?

Markey: Calm down Fluffy

Hofmeister: the lesson here is we need to build
more supertankers

Markey: Look Dancing Dave all the oil companies are incompetent and liars

Barbour: Big Government needs get ‘er done!

Gregory: Obama just like Bush promised that the Gulf would be better than before

Barbour: sure but Obama said that after so
it’s a much lower bar

Gregory: good point

Landrieu: these are America’s wetlands-

Gregory: that reminds me that Obama is a
bad President

Kay: the people in Gulf want Obama to make sure the oil industry stays in there

Gregory: what’s the frequency Kenneth?

Feinberg: I’m the man with the cash

Gregory: do you have to waive a right to file a lawsuit

Feinberg: not at all Fluffers

Gregory: what’s an illegitimate claim?

Feinberg: idiot talk show hosts don’t get compensation

Gregory: awww

Gregory: Joe Barton apologized to BP

Feinberg: ha ha - look BP has paid out $100 million already because they should and they have to

Gregory: is the money there now Ken?

Feinberg: yes and the money will keep on
flowing endlessly

Gregory: just like the oil

Feinberg: right

Gregory: is the escrow is an upfront settlement?

Feinberg: hey you want to give 40% to a lawyer
go right ahead

Lawyers: oh noe!

Landrieu: we don’t want BP to go out of business
we need them to keep drilling so they can keep paying us

Barbour: I underestimated Obama - he’s very smart - he’s got BP on a permanent payment plan forever and ever

Markey: it’s brilliant actually - he got results from BP without a government solution or getting his fingerprints all over the disaster

Gregory: that reminds me that Obama is a terrible President and another Jimmy Carter

Kay: Exactly - this plays into the narrative that Obama hates ordinary people and is not an
oil spill engineer

Gregory: my god he is an emotionless bastard

Landrieu: Obama is doing well but the proof is in the pudding

Gregory: that’s a cute saying

Landrieu: it’s not a saying - all the shrimp pudding
is contaminated with oil

Gregory: Governor Barbour would you please bash Barack Obama for me

Barbour: I heard you were a moron

Gregory: why won’t you go after the President?!?
[ starts sobbing ]

Barbour: because you’re an idiot

Gregory: But Obama will politicize this in the fall!

Barbour: Obama’s thugs did a shakedown of BP! Also he’s too cozy with BP!!

Gregory: Should we apologize to BP?

Barbour: we would have to if it was $20 billion
but since it’s $5 billion that’s ok

Gregory: isn’t the BP gulf oil spill really government’s fault?

Markey: In a way, yes! We have to stop believing businesses like Goldman Sachs or AIG or BP when they say there’s no risk when in fact they are
taking huge risks!!

Gregory: Obama should have reformed the MMS in January 2009 so this is all his fault

Hofmeister: America is a short-sighted greedy nation

Gregory: we all know that

Hofmeister: the government must create a plan that can last beyond all Presidents and various Democratic and Republican Congresses

Gregory: excellent idea

Barbour: the Obama drilling moratorium is a terrible thing - much worse than that silly minor spill

Markey: bullshit - the current bill we have would capture America’s genius and meanwhile we’re consuming 25% of the world’s oil and that’s
the real problem

Landrieu: I think we need get off oil - just not now

Gregory: when?

Landrieu: never

Gregory: I see

Landrieu: anyway environmentalists are to blame because they are so eager to kill BP that they never regulated it and now we have this terrible oil spill in the Gulf - thanks alot tree-huggers!

Gregory: and thank you all for joining this thoughtful and totally insane discussion


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