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This Week with George Stephanolpous with Joe Biden - July 5, 2009

This Week with George Stephanolpous
July 5, 2009
Guest: Vice President Joe Biden
Stephanolpous: Lindsay Graham says if you had told the Iranian government to “just stop it” they would have embraced the protestors and started wearing tie-dye clerical robes

Biden: he had a touching naïve faith in the innate goodness of the Iranian government

Stephanolpous: but will you rush into
giving more concessions?

Biden: no we would do that will that slowly
and with deliberation

Stephanolpous: should Israel attack Iran?

Biden: they can if they want

Stephanolpous: but the US gets to decide
what happens anytime everywhere

Biden: that’s your problem right there

Stephanolpous: North Korea has launched
more missiles than Macys

Biden: they’re very pretty

Stephanolpous: but the North Koreans
are making us look bad

Biden: yeah but they’re like that garbage
barge - they’re just sailing around and
no one will let them dock

Stephanolpous: are we just waiting for the crazy Dear Leader to die

Biden: he’s cuckoo for coco puffs

Stephanolpous: when do we win
the war in Afghanistan

Biden: hey gives time Bush got a free
ride for 8 craptacular years

Stephanolpous: but if we don’t win in one
Friedman Unit shouldn’t we just give up and leave?

Biden: oh I see now you all set deadlines
for success!

Stephanolpous: that’s right - these
are the Democrat rules now

Biden: I get it

Stephanolpous: the military says that
if Obama wants more troops the military
will say ‘what the fuck!’

Biden: oh fuck those fucking fuckers

Stephanolpous: oh so now you’re saying
the military is afraid of the evil military
hating dictator Barack Obama!

Biden: oh jesus fucking christ

Stephanolpous: your stimulus package sucks

Biden: oh but everyone thought Bush was merely a disastrous president instead of creating the worst economy since cavemen traded furs for sex

Stephanolpous: but Paul Krugman says you
need a new stimulus bill - bigger badder and uncut!

Biden: for god’s sake half the congress says
it's too big and now you say it’s too small - how many nobel prizes has Krugman won?

Stephanolpous: one

Biden: oh right

Stephanolpous: but the states are all failing and need your money

Biden: fuck em

Stephanolpous: you’re in charge of the economy, Iraq and the CIA - what does Obama do

Biden: dude looks good, smells nice and has more charm than a Mark Sanford love letter

Stephanolpous: you’re huggy and touchy feely
and he’s cold and logical

Biden: he’s the Spock to my McCoy

Stephanolpous: what is the deal with Sarah Palin?

Biden: isn’t it obvious - she’s fucking crazy

Stephanolpous: is she a victim of blood
sport vicious media?

Biden: no she’s just a total loon

Stephanolpous: Sarah Palin had another
GOP meltdown

Blankely: Palin is the most intuitive politician
in the entire GOP

Stephanolpous: in what possible sense?

Blankley: she has a great gut feeling for
what the weirdos want

Stephanolpous: oh my god are you kidding?

Blankley: hey people love her maybe she’s
better than the us elite DC beltway types

Dowd: she may have a great gut but there is
the tiny little problem of her being fucking nuts

Stephanolpous: interesting point

Dowd: you’re supposed to be the adult in the room and not quit just because a blogger said something bad about you

Blankley: look that’s not fair - she can’t save
America Obama’s fascism while she’s stuck
in motherfucking Alaska

Stephanolpous: can she ever come back

Will: um no - she is now not even a one-term governor of a backwater state

Tucker: she wants a career in national politics
but she’s petty, vindictive, shallow and stupid

Stephanolpous: yes but what’s the downside

Stephanolpous: her friends say she has a diagnosable mental illness

Purdum: he pals say she has narcissistic
grandiose personality disorder

Blankley: oh we are all narcissists now - besides look Nixon quit and after that he was elected President twice

Stephanolpous: and that turned out so well

Dowd: if she wanted to impress people she
could have stayed in government and accomplished something

Will: Republicans aren’t interested in that

Blankley: the GOP are in chaos and disorder which is all good news the GOP and all I know is the best pulsating GOP politician is Sarah Palin

Stephanolpous: oh my god you’re serious

Dowd: no he’s just pulling your leg - I think

Stephanolpous: Obama has ruined the economy

Tucker: that’s right all this is his fault for not having
a bigger stimulus and also adding to the debt with that horrible stimulus

Stephanolpous: do we need another stimulus package

Will: we already had a third one which Obama
made Bush pass in 2008

Dowd: Obama has lost 2 million jobs since January 20

Stephanolpous: wow global warming is also his fault too I suppose

Dowd: of course

Blankley: Obama will give America health care
and the people will turn on him for not turning the economy around

Stephanolpous: they have 60 votes now

Will: yes the Senate Dems have custody of the
whole country - but it’s like choosing between Debbie Rowe and Joe Jackson

Dowd: I’m very disappointed by Obama’s failure to reach out to the GOP since Al Franken won

Stephanolpous: it’s the saddest thing since Sarah Palin had the biggest public meltdown since-

Dowd: Mark Sanford?

Will: Zell Miller

Blankley: Tom Cruise?

Stephanolpous: I was going to say the YouTube Britney Spears Boy but those are good too

YouTube Britney Spears Boy: Leave
Sarah Palin aloooooone!!!!!!!!!!
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Maine Owl said...

Bitter 1962 Nixon lost a gubernatorial election, did they notice? Also, on the KCRW radio pundit show:

Scheer: Rubin & Summers laid a bomb in the financial system during the 90s

Blankley: We can't be sure what it was that exploded...

Sharkbabe said...

Brilliant. Am bookmarking you.

Sandy Underpants said...

you make me so happy. thank-you. so happy.

Anonymous said...

yes, i agree. and doing a quick spellcheck/edit for typos and stuff would be nice too.

Joseph said...

no commas and shit plus typos = blogger charm.

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