Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Chris Matthews Show - July 19, 2009

Matthews: OMG Reforming health care is really expensive and suddenly since 1979 I'm worried about the debt again!

Brooks: they are going to raise taxes on little businesses higher than in hellish places like Spain and France!

Matthews: will they ram it through undemocratically or get David Broder's approval??

O'Donnell: they will ram it through - the bastards

Parker: they hate Democracy just because they have most of the votes

Brooks: unlike me Obama is totally out of touch with America

Page: you're an idiot

Matthews: but all the rich people will pay for the poor people

Brooks: i don't understand why Obama is letting Congress write a bill in Congress

Matthews: it’s so sad

Brooks: we have to ration health care but greedy unions gets free x-rays and they don't want to give it up even if destroys America

O'Donnell: Republicans say if we rush this there will be unintended consequences like they will lose votes

Brooks: 7 Senators will destroy this bill which is the very essence of democracy

O'Donnell: taxes are bad

Matthews: why is Obama raising taxes on the middle class to 57%???

Page: you are an idiot also

Matthews: so will Obama reform the U.S. health care system by the war on christmas?

Panel: yes which is so very sad

Page: yes but Rush Limbaugh is still fat

Brooks: but still a handsome man

Matthews: ha ha let me show another saturday night live skit ha ha

Brooks: ha

O'Donnell: ha

Parker: ha

Page: folks welcome to idiot america

Matthews: ha ha what if Obama and Clinton didn't get along hee hee!?!

Hillary Clinton: we are kicking ass and taking names

Matthews: who the winner in this deal with Barack and Hillary?

Brooks: clearly Obama

Matthews: no no no you have to say Hillary

Brooks: they're both fine

Matthews: no they're bickering hee hee

Parker: Obama just loves everyone and Hillary smacks the baddies around

O'Donnell: she's his hammer and everything looks like something she wants to nail

Brooks: she's has better political instincts like on Iran she and Biden wanted to say grandstanding shit

Matthews: isn’t her role make a deal with her many Israel friends

Page: they are both smarter than anyone on this panel

Matthews: [looks down] my shoes are on the wrong feet

Matthews: omg the President is black!

Page: Obama went to the NAACP but he wasn't going to go Yankee stadium - that's too black

Parker: good news borrowers are gearing up to create another bubble!!

Brooks: in the health plan there are taxes with no benefits in 2012 and looks bad

Matthews: Is Sarah Palin is going to be the next President?

Matthews: can she be the nominee in 2012?

Parker: um no

Page: she's fine until she runs against a sentient human

Brooks: of course she can she's adorable

O'Donnell: hell why not

Matthews: ha!

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