Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Chris Matthews Show - December 20, 2008

The Chris Matthews Show
December 21, 2008
Matthews: OMG Obama is trying to control his press coverage!

Heileman: they're leak hunting and he media love them for it!

Cooper: they're tardy and tight lipped!

Tweety: wow

Cooper: they're cheating by speaking to the unamerican people

Matthews: in 4 months the media will turn on Obama - i got the memo from Mark Halperin

Klein: yeah i got that one too

Klein: Obama is a bad guy cause he wants to talk about issues and not irrelevant shit

Matthew: ha! we found his weak spot!

Kay: the media turned on Bush just because thousands of americans died

Matthews: when should we be combative and when should we fellate presidents?

Cooper: why not hold them accountable all the time?

Matthew: i thought maybe it was be nice to republicans and mean to democrats

Klein: no we need to be confrontational about stuff that matters

Matthews: that's crazy

Heileman: people hate the media and love bloggers

Tweety: oh noes!

Kay: Obama is sleazy cause we can trust his press secretary

Klein: Obama doesn't need us

Tweety: demit

Tweety: OMG this reporter DID have a follow-up!

[ multiple shoe throwing ]

Tweety: take that dan rather and brit hume! ha!

Matthews: Caroline Kennedy!

Klein: Hillary is a wonk!

Heileman: She's shy and she's in Obamamania!

Matthews: we must reduce all politicians to empty cliches!

Cooper: you guys are all idiots

[ everyone interrupts shouting ]

Matthews: let's face it it's all about war and peace

Kay: well then hillary was wrong

Klein: she's an amateur and i hate her and she's a girl

Kay: she's lame

Matthews: maybe we should consider that helen cooper is right and we are all idiots

Heileman: me no think like that

Klein: is gud kwestun

Kay: I'm hearing rumors that the ruling Arab families prefer Republicans

Twety: wow!

Klein: Me no like UN in Afghanistan

Cooper: Obama can't find a CIA director because the liberal bloggers hate anyone tainted by torture

Matthews: there are liberal blogger spies

Heileman: liberals like Solis and green shit

Matthews: those crazy liberals!

Tweety: OMG Obama is going to be tested by a fake international crisis!

Kay: i predict we won't be able to predict it!

Klein: Dood the crisis is the financial crisis

Cooper: Obama is studying a world map and calling general and reading Ghost Wars

Tweety: he's renting Ghostbusters?

Heileman: Obama has ice in his veins and the dude is fucking ready

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