Sunday, November 02, 2008

This Week with George Stephanopoulos - November 2, 2008

This Week with George Stephanopoulos
November 2, 2008

Stephanopoulos: yur losing

Davis: no way dood

Stephanopoulos: why do u say that

Davis: pollz r biased against Republicans

Stephanopoulos: you've got to be kidding me

Davis: whaaaaa

Stephanopoulos: so sad

Davis: the number of undecided voters is rising

Stephanopoulos: why is that

Davis: people are getting stupider

Stephanopoulos: i didn't think that wasn't possible

Davis: it is our key to winning

Stephanopoulos: it seems you are truly fucked

Davis: no we can still win new mexico

Stephanopoulos: dream on lunatic

Davis: no no no early voting trends to democrats - GOP voters are now in left hand lane at 15 mph

Stephanopoulos: i don't think so

Davis: we are going to win Pennsylvania

Stephanopoulos: prove it

Davis: the amish are very excited by McCain - they held a fundraiser: Amish Against Socialism

Stephanopoulos: Obama tied to your to Dick Cheney

Davis: Obama is engaging in the stale old politics of the past

Stephanopoulos: right...

Stephanopoulos: so is Davis right are you losing?

Axelrod: sure reality is biased against the pubic party

Stephanopoulos: you will lose because all your voters are early voters

Axelrod: yes i've heard the new GOP line is that McCain wins because people hate McCain so much they can't wait to defeat him

Stephanopoulos: can't you beat McCain like a rented mule

Axelrod: rented, bought, paid for, sold on eBay and served at Le Cirque for $100 a plate

Stephanopoulos: Mmmmmmmm....

Axelrod: We're drawing record crowds but we need all the hippies and kids to remember to vote

Stephanopoulos: Obama claims he hates lobbyists but hell we've all dabbled in lobbying in our time

Axelrod: true but they weren't Kenyan

Stephanopoulos: how many electoral votes will you get

Axelrod: a hell of a lot

Will: Obama has generated great enthusiasm in this election which is good news for McCain

Halperin: Obama is cheating by being popular in early voting

Brazille: so THIS is what a winning campaign looks like!

Stephanopoulos: is McCain fucked?

Matt Dowd: sure there are more democrats in the polls - cause there are more democrats after 8 years of Bush

Stephanopoulos: who the fuck is still undecided?

Dowd: they're retarded

Stephanopoulos: can Bob Barr win Georgia?

Will: yes he will benefit from a surge in african american voting

Stephanopoulos: who still supports McCain?

Brazille: robots they are making all his calls

Halperin: Obama will probably lose in 2012

Dowd: McCain will get more votes than Bush - and still lose

Stephanopoulos: what can we look forward to

Dowd: if Virginia goes to Obama then you can go to bed and dream sweet dreams of a black president

Stephanopoulos: turning points in the 2008 campaign?

Will: Iowa caucuses and killing reverend Right

Steph: McCain

Will: Palin and his being a shitty campaigner

Stephanopoulos: Obama opposing the war in 2002 and his address in 2004

Dowd: the turning point was the Iraq war - it killed Bush, weakened Hillary, and crippled Bush and McCain and gave us Obama

Halperin: hillary lost it but not just over the war

Brazille: howard dean won this election

Halperin: let's be fair - McCain made alot of really stupid decisions this election

Will: McCain should have been tougher and meaner and nastier - not so gentle and nice on race and accusing Obama of eating christian children

Dowd: George W. Bush has been a bad President and even a black guy with a funny name could have won this election ha ha

Steph: his speech on race was important

Brazille: i think of sunday bloody sunday

Steph: Palin / Bono 2012

Steph: what fascinates you

Halperin: Suununu - i love him so much and if he loses it proves reasonanable white men can't get a break

Dowd: poor poor white male conservatives

Will: poor poor poor Chris Shays if he loses it will proves that translucent closeted shitheads can't get a break

Brazile: i am so looking forward to Liddy Dole getting killed

Will: Obama wins North Dakota = 378 EC votes

Dowd: 338 EVs for the masai warrior

Halperin: 349 EVs for the magic negro

Brazille: 343 EV votes based on ground game for Baruch

Steph: Obama gets 353 - including Ohio and Florida

Dowd: um, what happened to the Permanent Repubic Majority??

Halperin: it's a 50/50 Nation

Steph: of course it's always 50 - 50 on teevee

Dowd: whatever fuckhead

Halperin: hey

Dowd: go shine my shoes dick

Halperin: [ bends down ]