Thursday, February 02, 2006

We Finally Got Us a Boehner!

Oh, Congress was corrupt in city of D.C.,
when the GOP stepped up to the plate.
Delay had been swingin' and missin'
and talkin'' and dissin'
His average was point-double-o-eight.

So they debated each other
and voted in secret
And picked the guy with less taint.

This time they're gettin' a good guy!
With Abramoff he hasn't been sighted!
He may earmark and arm twist but at least
he hasn’t been indicted!

We've been slumpin' off season,
But now we've found a reason.
We've found a guy with less taint!

We used to play the field,
We used to be a roamer!

But the season's turnin' around for us now...
We finally got a Boehner!

That's right, we finally got a Boehner!

(courtesty of the Simpsons)