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Meet The Press with Sen. Hillary Clinton - January 13, 2008

Meet The Press
January 13, 2008
Host: Tim Russert
Guest: Senator Hillary Clinton

Tim Russert: you attacked Martin Luther King - would like to attack Abraham Lincoln or JFK on my show this morning?

Hillary Clinton: no thanks

Russert: you claim Obama is an Islamic drug dealer

Clinton: i haven't heard that

Russert: you hate civil rights activists?

Clinton: no i love MLK - i marched with Dr. King and Mitt Romney and he was he was gassed and jailed and campaigned

Russert: so what does that have to do with you and Obama

Clinton: Obama is a big liar he’s trying to reverse-Swift-boat me

Russert: very clever

Clinton: look i'm female and he's black so let's all be happy and not get bogged down

Russert: bill attacked him as a fairy tale but i love fairy tales

Clinton: ok Obama was against the war in 2002 but by 2004 he was voting for the funding the war

Russert: so did you!

Clinton: yeah but he didn't introduce legislation against the war when he could have

Russert: what do you want him to do?

Clinton: he said i killed Bhutto and Tim you can't prove that!!!

Russert: Rep Clyburn says Bill was offensive

Clinton: no no no you mislead pumpkinhaid

Russert: even Donna Brazille hates you

Clinton: oh 'cooking with grease' give me a break

Russert: some random black woman says you are minimizing King and it takes a white man to make change happen

Clinton: you fat liar Obama compared himself to Kennedy and he was a war hero and King was a real leader and Obama is just a kid

Russert: so he's not a legendary politician big deal

Clinton: King would endorse me today because i am a legislator and Obama is just a pretty speechmaker

Russert: so you don't hate black people?

Clinton: no i admire politically active blacks not eloquent Johnny-come-latelies like Obama

Russert: you compare Obama to demagogues like Huey Long!!

Clinton: he's just a speaker and he has done nothing goddamitt i've taken shit for the party and bill clinton and upstate new york and i'm owed dammit

Russert: why should people vote for you

Clinton: i'm really boring

Russert: you say you’re workhorse and he's a showhorse

Clinton: look i've paid my dues and did hard work

Russert: Obama talks pretty but is lazy?

Clinton: oh don't tempt me fatty

Russert: you cried why -- your time of the month?

Clinton: no i'm human stupid and i was touched by voters telling me about all their problems it's fucking moving Timmy

Russert: but that woman voted later for Barack because you're stiff and dull

Clinton: fuck you timmy i mean that

Russert: is obama unready?

Clinton: totally only i can deal with the economy, health care, iraq, iran and afghanistan

Russert: was that a yes?

Clinton: yes - he only passed an anti-lunch bill whereas i can answer hundreds of questions

Russert: you won in 2000 cause Lazio went after you and after Obama and Edwards ganged up you played the gender card

Clinton: bullshit obama is the one playing the race card

Russert: oh?

Clinton: i'm a daughter and wife and sister and a lover

Russert: you're tied with Barack

Clinton: but i've walked through the fires of hell for 35 years

Russert: what's the best reason to vote for you

Clinton: it will makes Chris Matthews absolutely crazy

Russert: If Saint Petreaus says we should stay will you let our troops will stay??

Clinton: no because on Day One we will begin troops withdraw in the first 60 days and pressure the Iraqis to get their shit together

Russert: But the Generals!

Clinton: in January of 2009 our troops will come home so the Iraqis best get used to it

Russert: The surge has worked and you know it!!!!

Clinton: Timmy i use small words now -- the surge has failed to achieve political unity - of course our troops are good at killing but it's still killing

Russert: but awesome killing

Russert: you voted for the war and attacking Saddam and the same day Obama gave a speech where he was proven fucking right

Clinton: oh just words Timmeh look i didn't support the war just a vote disarm Saddam by force

Russert: oh ok

Clinton: Obama wanted to surrender to Saddam and just let him keep his biological weapons

Russert: the ones he didn't have

Clinton: Obama should have held himself to a higher standard because of his speech and not support John Kerry otherwise what is the point of even having a Magic Negro???

Russert: you voted for war and if you disagree that's bunk

Clinton: i'm not going to give the UN Security Council a veto over American policy

Russert: don't we sit on the Security Council?

Clinton: the point is i was very strongly in favor of only give a Bush a year to attack Iraq

Russert: oh good

Clinton: it wasn't a vote for force

Russert: the title of the bill was a vote for use of force

Clinton: we can sit here and argue about who voted for what but the point is Obama was supporting Bush in 2004

Russert: but so did you??

Clinton: yeah but I don't pretend to be perfect like he does!!

Russert: did he have better judgment in 2002

Clinton: one little decision

Russert: it was a decision to go war!

Clinton: Ask him about his positions since then!

Russert: i did

Clinton: his answer was very political

Russert: oh noes!

Clinton: yeah he pretends he's all non-political but everyone knows i'm triangulating so it doesn’t count

Russert: so no fair

Clinton: right - we need someone careful now not someone who’s going to go off half cocked and inspire people

Russert: doris kearns goodwin says you haven't learned

Clinton: oh fuck her

Russert: do you wish you had read the NIE?

Clinton: hey i thought i was voting for sending inspectors in

Russert: punk'd!

Clinton: bush himself said the vote i cast was to avoid war

Russert: you fucked up - you trusted him

Clinton: President Otter yes

Russert: back in 1992 Bill Clinton gave a speech endorsing Obama!

Clinton: no he was the senior governor back then and times are different we need change now and i have 35 years of experience rooted in real lives of real people

Russert: that’s your message?

Clinton: yes I'm tanned rested and ready

Russert: but 20 years ago--

Clinton: no let's talk about the future like the economy and this recession and my proposals

Russert: but you don't pay for them

Clinton: i'm more responsible that Edwards and the black guy

Russert: you don't pay for stimulus

Clinton: well that's different

Russert: but aren't poor subprime buyers bad people?

Clinton: they’re victims of fraud and liars

Russert: sounds like welfare

Clinton: alan greenspan agrees with me

Russert: screw let them - live in their second home

Clinton: oh sure

Russert: you pardoned marc rich and your brother's criminal friends will you pledge to depoliticize the government

Clinton: ha ha that's rich after living through the Bush years

Russert: is there a Vast Right Ring Conspiracy???

Clinton: ha ha ha no comment

Russert: you are a polarizer!

Clinton: no i worked with Republicans in the Senate i'm like a good combination of Edwards and Obama - experience + fighting

Russert: but you work with GOP??

Clinton: trust me timmster they hate my guts

Russert: independents hate you

Clinton: oooh a poll - what a shithead you are

Russert: you hurt mah feelings

Clinton: hey bill only got 3% in Iowa in 1992 and look what happened

Russert: surprise!

Clinton: Obama is not ready you can't vote 'present' when you're presnit

Russert: do you support a lawsuit to prevent people from voting in Nevada

Clinton: a caucus is for neighbors to get together and talk about their choices

Russert: and vote for president

Clinton: oh that

Russert: what's your biggest adversity in life?

Clinton: Bill will sleep with anything that moves

Russert: like who

Clinton: I can't even leave him alone with Barack

Russert: thanks alot Senator and good luck

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