Sunday, January 20, 2008

Meet The Press - January 20, 2008

Meet The Press
January 20, 2008

Russert: 5 GOP candidates this is fun!

Brokaw: it's like a wreck-em derby!

Russert: that’s very blue collar!

Brokaw: Rudy is running as Skull-Cracker in Chief

Russert: people want authenticity

Brokaw: u mean John McCain!

Russert: GOP says it is in total chaos but that’s only because the Iraq was become a total disaster

Meachem: GOP era has come to an end -- Reagan was a Great Thinker but it's all over nao

Timmeh: let's yap about teh Confederate Flag -- Huckabee brought it back up again to kneecap John McCain - poor John

Noonan: McCain is running as the Yoda of the GOP everyone knows him and he's a bit useless and crazy and makes no sense at but they humor him anyway

Timmy: friends, working the surge is

Russert: Huckabee wants to re-write all laws to align with the Bible

Norris: he's scaring even evangelicals

Rusert: whoa that's like Lindsay Lohan staging an intervention for Brittney

Goodwin: ha ha ha i love those gurls

Noonan: yes they are fun and like them the GOP is trying to find it's Soul

Russert: what if they look and don't find anything there?

Noonan: [ sobs ]

Russert: the entire Reagan Coalition is collapsing as the turn on each other - they hate at least one thing about the other this is amazing

Goodwin: sure but Reagan, Bush I and Bush II were all phonies who essentially ran on hate and selfishness and that is what will always unite this crowd

Russert: so who leads them?

Goodwin: McCain - he's a leader and panderer and wants to be leader of the GOP and President more than anything

Russert: but why him

Goodwin: because the GOP always runs on mythology - they pretended Bush was a war hero and cowboy

Russert: they are more comfortable with a fictional narrative

Noonan: maybe not now the interest groups this actually want something besides lies

Russert: oh that's bad for the GOP

Brokaw: i listened to Rush Limbaugh for one hour yesterday and afterwards i wanted to kill myself

Noonan: Ayn Rand a nation turns it's lonely eyes to you

Norris: we're are a nation in Fear and eating at Applebees

Meachem: there are 2 possibilities one is that Dukakis was right about everything

Russert: what's the other one

Meachem: the GOP will nominate Hillary Clinton

Russert: Obama said Reagan was transformational - Hillary and Edwards pounced

Goodwin: hey it's history too bad he can't mention it - of course it's politics but he talked about JFK and he wants to be transformational like RR and the Kennedys

Brokaw: the real news is that he totally dissed Bill Clinton

Russert: Clinton said he's not making up the things he made up

Goodwin: he's tough he’s Hillary's Bobby Kennedy

Russert: Bill said the bad new politics is unions throwing their weight around oh noes

Meachem: Ted Kennedy and Rahm Emmanuel want to know if Bill is going around like this now what's he going to be like when he's in the White House without a full time job?

Russert: can he be quiet

Meachem: he's congentially incapable of shutting up

Noonan: she sent he husband out to yell at the neighbors

Russert: if whites flees Edwards that helps Hillary

Brokaw: I was on the phone with my young black friends

Russert: you’re what?

Brokaw: Obama is NYC today with Andy Young and Hillary is hangin’ with Calvin Butts

Norris: i know a 92 year old man who took the pulpit from a pastor and said don't be afraid to vote for a black man

Russert: but a black man could lose

Norris: unlike Mondale, Dukakis, Gore, Kerry,

Russert: oh sure nit pick

Noonan: Mitt Romney haz a deep background in running Duane Reed

Russert: alot of Republicans get their drugs there

Noonan: you need passion - McCain's passion lies in killing Asian people

Russert: i like pie

Noonan: McCain can make people love the United States of America by threatening them

Russert: but the dot-comony

Meachem: JFK could be funny

Russert: Hillary has Evan Bayh but Obama has Ben Nelson

Brokaw: well stop the fucking presses

Russert: don't get snippy old man

Brokaw: i welcome a long boring campaign

Goodwin: if Huckabee is the nominee they could nominate Michael Vick

Meachem: speaking of which Obama explodes teh dogma

Russert: it’s a profoundly different approach Hillary will use her vast operational experience while Obama will just fumble for papers

Noonan: that's stupid

Brokaw: she played her competence card

Russert: her long COO experience

Noonan: oh noes dynasties!!

Russert: where were you in 2000

Noonan: fellating Dubya

Russert: hey Bloomberg is shorter than Lance Armstrong but taller than Schwarzenegger

Meachem: he will run if teh other two New Yorkers run and he will spend a billion dollars

Goodwin: even Teddy Roosevelt couldn't win

Brokaw: in Wyoming there aren't a lot of Kosher kitchens

Russert: interesting

Brokaw: we're hunting delgawtes

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