Thursday, January 10, 2008

60 Minutes - January 6, 2008 - Pervez Musharraf

Sunday January 6, 2008
60 Minutes
Lara Logan interviews Pervez Musharraf

Logan: Bhutto was killed on your watch

Musharraf: someone was going to kill that democratic bitch eventually

Logan: it was a matter of time

Musharraf: damm right

Logan: what was your first reaction to her assassination

Musharraf: use my secret police to repress the people of course

Logan: naturally

Logan: you didn't like her

Musharraf: no she was doing annoying stuff like coming into the country and running for office

Logan: you hated her guts

Musharraf: no i just wanted her dead

Logan: but it wasn't personal

Musharraf: strictly business

Musharraf: we told her not to come

Logan: she made a mistake

Musharraf: oh yeah

Logan: sounds like you have a very safe country

Musharraf: only the areas where people are likely to be killed are dangerous
Logan: oh ok then

Musharraf: what the fuck was doing standing up in the car and waving around

Logan: maybe she thought she saw johnny depp

Musharraf: that's crazy this is all her fault

Logan: are you sure it all is her fault?

Musharraf: oh yes all her fault - no one else's

Logan: did you give her all the security she needed

Musharraf: oh yes she got the best security ever

Logan: well you sure a hit a home run on that one didn't you

Logan: she said she would catch bin Laden and that you suck

Musharraf: no fair i'm doing my best

Logan: what are you doing

Musharraf: hey I'm torturing people left and right and still the american people are bitching jeez allah's tits

Logan: what are you accomplishing

Musharraf: what other country has arrested 700 al qeada?

Logan: what other country does Osama bin Laden live?

Musharraf: luxembourg its crazy there

Logan: under you Osama is rocking and the Taliban is back and better than ever

Musharraf: that's true but that America's fault

Logan: did you kill Bhutto?

Musharraf: i'm innocent until proven guilty baby

Logan: so you didn't

Musharraf: hey i was trying to help her

Logan: bang up job dood

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