Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Chris Matthews Show - January 20, 2008

The Chris Matthews Show - January 20, 2008


Matthews: will Bill do what he's told??

Stengel: Bill reminds people of the Clenis and not teh NASDAQ

Matthews: will her VP be allowed to sleep with Hillary?

Stengel: the VP bucket of warm piss now he will eclipsed by the Michael Jordan of oval office blow jobs

Norris: no one is going to turn the job down stupid

Fineman: oh noes Bill’s role is scary

Fineman: Bill will refuse to be kept out of the loop or make his own loop

Stengel: he will take over the Presidency

Fineman: its what Dems want anyway

Tweety: ha ha ha Hillary can't sing

Panel: ha ha john McCain is so cool

Tweety: Obama sings in Spanish oh mio dios!!

Panel: white people can't sing!!

Matthews: oh noes Iraq war sucks and people hate Bush and the economy is bad

Stengel: it helps Romney after he ran the Olympics and those never go well

Tweety: i don't like the Clintons

Parker: everyone hates democrats - vote Romney!!

Tweety: happy talk wins?

Norris: Mitt must run as the health care guy

Matthews: he's a very sensitive android

Fineman: like Commander Data

Fineman: we need a GOP who is not from Washington and has never been there

Tweety: like who?

Fineman: John McCain

Tweety: tell must something i don't know

Parker: Huckabee has a brain

Stegel: the Iraq war has cost more and been worse than we expected

Tweety: shocking

Norris: my newspaper has endorsed Obama because he's cute

Fineman: if if if if - Edwards drops out he will be like Kucinich and campaign for Obama

Tweety: why

Fineman: he doan like Hillary

Tweety: wow

Matthews: can obama win over white people

Parker: sure why not

Stengel: but he's black!

Norris: his momma was white

Tweety: so was mine

Fineman: the real question is can he win the black vote?

Stengel: well he goes after the black vote he will alienate people like me

Tweety: ha i love it!

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