Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Chris Matthews Show - January 27, 2008

The Chris Matthews Show
January 27, 2008
Tweety: wow obama and clintons not getting along!

Page: she is tough Dems want that so Obama must be tough too

Tweety: but swift boating works

Kay: Obama is caught in politics Obama in real trouble now

Heileman: Nobody puts Bill Clinton in a a corner

Tweety: he lives rent free in Obama's head

Bumiller: well Obama is a slum lord

Tweety: obama is a bright shiny toy

Heileman: he's cute

Kay: put them in a black box

Page: that's the Chicago Way

Tweety: bring a miracle to a gunfight and hit back that's the Israel way

Page: Dems are doomed

Bumiller: GOP hate McCain but think he can win

Kay: people love or hate McCain no one cares about Mitt he's dull

Tweety: no i love him he's running against Washington!

Heileman: Economy his a huge advantage for the scientologist

Tweety: McCain read greenspan's book that magnificent bastard!

Kay: Mitt doens't have to raise $$$

Tweety: life is unfair said JFK

Kay: wasn't he's young rich handsome and successful?

Tweety: see what i mean

Heileman: why Rudy flames out it helps Mitt

Tweety: you new yorkers can't wait!!

Heileman: damm fucking right

Tweety: Hillary and Obama 08

Page: no way ticket should have a white guy

Kay: no way - he would say no

Bumiller: it's possible

Heileman: he would do it to be presnit

Tweety: i love it!

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