Sunday, March 08, 2009

Hardball - March 8, 2009

March 8, 2009
Tweety: OMG the Dow is the most important thing ever!!!!

Regan: No it’s about systemic business problems and not Obama

Tweety: so Trish what you are saying is that it's all Obama's fault

Stengel: it's like that famous chinese character

Tweety: which one?

Stengel: Fu Manchu

Tweety: so Obama’s Tax and Spend is scaring the money people

Parker: that is stupid

Page: no I disagree Kathleen no that is very, very stupid

Tweety: ok i know nothing about money - so let's talk about politics

Regan: there was hope and now there is disappointment

Tweety: oh that disappointing Obama!

Tweety: I love Rush Limbaugh because he defends capitalism

Page: that is so fucking moronic

Tweety: Rush Limbaugh’s have numbers have doubled and Obama’s have not

[smirks ]

Page: you can't double 80% approval stupid

Tweety: so what you are saying is Obama destroyed the stock market

Parker: um no idiot

Tweety: Obama - worst President ever?

Page: ha

Parker: you are a silly person

Tweey: OMG Limbaugh is very very important because he
invited Obama to debate him and Obama didn't!!!!

Page: [ mimics shooting self in head ]

Tweety: OMG I love Rush Limbaugh but he never he a pussy on his lap!!

Page: [ mimic hanging self ]

Tweety: OMG I may have to wank into my golden years!!!

Stengel: the good new is that stocks are way way down are are still overvalued

Tweety: the sharpies are coming!

Regan: you should put $1 million in the market now!

Page: capital is clogged up we need a financial Drano!

Tweety: I'm thinking of moving out of my parent's basement

Stengel: indeed if your home is martha's vineyard is two years old you need a new one

Tweety: your grandparents and grandchildren are competing for the same jobs at McDonald's

Parker: the illegals!

Tweety: who's an "illegal" - Jose or Bernie??

Tweety: tell me something cause i'm dumb

Regan: bet against the uro!

Tweety: Ha!

Stengel: what people don't realize is that the health system isn't perfect

Tweety: no!

Parker: obama will raise taxes in 2015

Tweety: oh noes!!

Page: Burris wins!!

Tweety: Wow!

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