Monday, January 12, 2009

Meet the Press - January 10, 2009

Meet The Press
January 10, 2009
Rep. Bonior
Bill Cosby
Alvin Poussaint

Gregory: OMG the stimulus!

Harwood: billions for bridges, green jobs, tax cuts and happy stuff

Bonior: hell we need a trillion dollars to rescue the American economy

Gregory: i miss our Ponzi economy

Bonior: we need something better than that

Gregory: Obama said he plans to save America by the end of 2010

McLean: that's all very nice but what if we build up too much debt??

Gregory: we will have misery until 2010 - so sad

Gigot: but the Federal Reserve is printing magic money so that's good news

Gregory: Obama may have too much tax cuts which are too popular we all know its Democrats job to do unpopular thigns so Republicans can take power back

Gigot: that's right that's just how it works

Harwood: Debt by Democrats is bad - everyone knows that

McLean: right

Gigot: we need to give corporations the incentive to buy gold shower curtains

Gregory: will Obama save us all??

Bonior: oh it will pass and with GOP votes so they can't complain later

Gregory: [ high pitched whiny voice ] but it's expensive and it takes too long!!

Bonior: well what else?

Gregory: Hair tax credit for tv newsreaders??

Harwood: Obama needs a little flack from liberals to get broad support

Gregory: interesting

Harwood: he's got Boner, McConnell and Coburn on his side

Gregory: this is going to blow people away - Obama plans on spending $ 2 trillion

Gigot: why for that money we could invade and fail to occupy Myanmar

Gregory: i hate Obama!!

Gigot: hey the GOP spend some of this

Gregory: enough of the liberals at the Wall St. Journal editorial board!

McLean: no one ever talks about making people suffer anymore it's very sad

Gigot: the big bang for the buck is printing more money

Gregory: that's sounds like fun

Gigot: shoving money at people is awesome

Harwood: what's the exit strategy??

[viewer: where the fuck were all these questions 6 years ago???? ]

Bonior: we have to have a new Green economy

Gregory: speaking of that - Obama is building up too much debt!!!!

Gigot: Deficits matter!!

Gregory: I'm putting on my worried monkey-face

Gigot: i have to admit it's not all bad - debts to buy an aircraft carrier to win the Cold War is genius - if it goes to green jobs and bike paths its a waste

Harwood: i like Paul because he's good looking and completely insane

Gregory: the chinese!

McLean: what if they decide to stop lending to us?!!?

Gregory: Bush's beloved tax cuts!

Bonior: 10% of population take 90% of economic gains in the US

Gregory: well they are doing the hard work of spouting nonsense on TV

Bonior: sorry but Joe Biden is in charge now

Gregory: [ sobs ] I hate homeowners

McLean: house prices are still high compared to income

Gregory: what about capitalism?

Zandi: i will survive!

Gigot: we will become Europe which will be very tragic