Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Chris Matthews Show - January 25, 2009

The Chris Matthews Show
January 25, 2009

Matthews: OMG Obama is doing a great job and doesn't hate america!!!

Woodward: hey we have a new president and he's extending a hand and it doesn't have a black glove it!!

Tweety: he laid a wreath at the tomb of unknown empire builders but he also likes diplomacy!

Fineman: he likes openness

O'Donnell: stagecraft is all well and good but soon he will be in the Swamp

Kornblut: Obama went into the basement looking for all the bodies Bush / Cheney may have left

Fineman: Obama has curiosity and Bush had the attention span of a fruit fly with ADHD

Woodward: Ford toasted his own english muffins

Matthews: What can Bill Clinton and Bush teach Obama?

Woodward: to be strategic, not have sex with interns and also don't be a total dumbass

Matthews: wow

Fineman: Obama fucked up the inaugural by not calling for tax cuts or tax increases - so so sad

Matthews: Let's talk about what really matters - Republicans!

Kornbluth: Obama is very stubborn by still being President in week 2

Woodward: The only way for this to work is for a Banker to go on tv and say to the American people 'i'm finally making money now'

Matthews: oh yeah

Woodward: talk to people on Wall Street

Fineman: we need to get the sherriffs to stop foreclosing

Tweety: there's a new sherriff in town

Woodward: Obama failed by not asking us for patients so so sad

Matthews: wow Obama is against torture but he might arrest Bush officials

Woodward: let's not dwell on who tortured who - some crazy liberals want to investigate and end the war on terror and we are still in grave danger

O'Donnell: Obama risks alienating Republicans if he enforces the law - there's no political upside to following the truth

Kornbluth: Obama wants to move on

Tweety: so we only go after the little guys

Fineman: Harry Reid is terrified of alienating the GOP

Woodward: who you investigate - the good American boys and girls who were ordered to torture or Bush is now in Paraguy?? face it - it's over

O'Donnell: Caroline will be back and toothier than ever!

Woodward: Obama scandals are just to come!!

Kornblut: A lot of people want to run in Saratoga

Tweety: who is the front runner?

Kornblut: Smarty Jones

Matthews: wow what was in teh letter Bush wrote to Obama???


Woodward: i bet he was upbeat, positive, gracious, and totally out of touch with reality

Kornblut: "Go for the labradoodle, Bammy"

Fineman: probably a wish to have the sky-god protect him

Tweety: i bet he told him to hide the liquor from the missus

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