Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Chris Matthews Show - January 18, 2009

The Chris Matthews Show
January 18, 2009

Matthews: I've got inauguration fever and I'm having hallucinations - last night i dreamed a black man is going to be the President!!

Rather: wow!

Matthews: is Obama JFK, FDR, or Abe?

Rather: he's OMG!

Tweety: He's not tv - he's BHO!

Kay: the BBC is runnning a 5 hour coronation special on Obama

Tweety: why?

Kay: he's international and the world finds it amazing

Whitaker: Obama was abandoned by his father and then he discovered community and he may talk about how we need to be less selfish

Tweety: I agree - let's talk about me!

Cooper: he will also ask for sacrifice

Matthews: i will sacrifice by having another tv show

Cooper: that Kenyan tribe is brainy

Whitaker: he's actually Asian

Rather: Bush said let's go shopping and the nation wants this pilot to bring America to safe water landing

Tweety: take a sad song and make it better

Rather: Hey Dude!

Matthews: people don't give a shit about marc rich

Cooper: oh no in a few weeks we'll be talking about the failed Obama presidency

Kay: the Left will attack him

Tweety: the Liberal Bloggers!

Rather: why won't the GOP go after him?

Kay: cause they suck too much

Rather: companies are disappearing - it's like that episode of Star Trek

Tweety: i love Obama

Rather: he's Obama - not a wizard

Tweety: He's got a lightning scar - he's The Kenyan Who Won!

Whitaker: he's going to reach out the Islamic world and
tell them don't worry - the minarets are coming to America

Matthews: Obama thinks he's Lincoln - but Republicans say Abe was a GOPPER and Bush says he's like Lincoln

Rather: yeah that makes sense

Matthews: but i like Gerry Ford - he said he was average which is humble and stupid

Rather: people forget the value of humor and stupidity in politics

Tweety: i never do!

Matthews: break some news!

Kay: Obama should call out israel in the inaugural

Rather: Hillary needs to pay off her debt and Chris Dodd
may be Majority Leader just like Culture of Truth predicted months ago

Cooper: Hillary is leaving America

Whitaker: Big Health Care reform in 2009 including Medicare

Tweety: i predicted Obama would be President in 2004

Audience: you say alot of shit Tweety Bird

Tweety: my drug supplier is also named Hussein and so I think he's very excited and anyone who ever came here did better than in the country they left behind especially those lucky duckies in the middle passage -- we have an enemy named Hussein but also the most popular person in America which when you think about it is pretty fucking amazing

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