Monday, January 12, 2009

The Chris Matthews Show - January 10, 2009

The Chris Matthews Show
January 10, 2009

Matthews: OMG is this the end of white America????

Page: No it's just more a tan America

O'Donnell: we are on teh cusp of a non-white America!!

Tweety: yeah in 2042

Noron: I'm panicking now!!

Parker: I'm so confused - I mean obama had a white mother and he threw her under the bus

Tweety: I'm white!!

Matthews: what will happen to the WASPs???

Page: Killer African bees wiped them out dude

Salaam: Everyone loves a little ethnicity

Parker: one of my best friends is a cuban

Tweety: I once met Al Pacino!

Matthews: Burriss smells like teen scandal

Page: hey in politics race matters

Tweety: what if Burriss was white?

Page: then Blago would not have nominated him

Salam: Blago is pretty smart for a white guy

Tweety: where are all the black Senators?

Salam: Idaho will elect a leprechaun before they elect a black guy

Matthews: Obama said poor whites cling to guns god and gays

Page: It's true

Parker: No people cling to guns because they belong to a culture of shooting people

Page: because they're afraid

Parker: i cling to wine myself

Page: well that's my point

Parker: Obama is black and so could never relate to a culture of guns

Matthews: OMG Obama met with the former Presnits!!!

O'Donnell: Obama called this meeting so he could have a photo op with the old guys

Tweety: he can learn from Carter to unite blacks and whites

Noron: he knows that already stupid

Page: he learned from Bush I to pretend he cares about the little people

Tweety: no he learned to send thank you notes to world leaders

Parker: the interns

Panel: ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Salam: he can learn from George W Bush to build up the party

Tweety: huh?

Salam: well sure he failed but he was reelected

Parker: Clearly Obama has learned from Stupid that stubborness is bad

Tweety: wow

Noron: Obama has become the spokesman for the Black Berry

Tweety: this reminds me of when Eleanor endorsed margarine

Page: Harry Reid has no spine

Tweety: i said tell me something i don't know

Parker: people whisper to me that i worked for Reagan but they voted for Obama

Salam: Obama isn't rewarding loyalty because he wants a big tent

Tweety: wow

Matthews: why are the Dems fighting Obama more than the GOP

O'Donnell: because they can

Page: now is the time

Parker: they're whiners

Salam: they are not potted plants!!

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