Sunday, May 13, 2012

This Week - May 13, 2012

Barney Frank (D-MA)
Marsha Blackburn (R-TN)
Eliot Spitzer
Hilary Rosen
Mary Matalin
Stephanopoulos: wow Obama became
the first President to endorse same-sex
marriage since James Buchanan

Romney: what’s the deal with those
long-haired gays anyway?

Stephanopoulos: congrats on your
upcoming nuptials Barney

Frank: thanks George

Stephanopoulos: did you expect
Obama to endorse gay weddings

Frank: that’s redundant

Stephanopoulos: true

Frank: of course I expected him to
since there is no sensible reason
to oppose it

Stephanopoulos: that never stooped
American Presidents before

Frank: Obama already opposed the
DOMA and endorsed gay soldiers

Blackburn: Obama is such a
gay-loving bumbler LOL!

Santorum: Obama is totally out of touch
with America’s homophobes

Blackburn: Let’s talk about how Obama
caused the Depression in 2007!

Stephanopoulos: you don’t want to talk
about gay rights do you?

Blackburn: gays is icky!

Stephanopoulos: Obama doesn’t
want to nationalize gay rights

Frank: the GOP wants to take away
marriage decisions from the states

Stephanopoulos: what about Constitutional
bans on inter-racial marriage?

Frank: did you know the Republicans
caused the Depression and job losses
peaked when Obama was sworn in and
have gone down ever since?

Blackburn: Obama hates women!

Stephanopoulos: I didn’t know that

Blackburn: gas prices!

Stephanopoulos: gas prices are going down

Blackburn: my four year-old grandson
owes $50,000 to the Chinese!

Stephanopoulos: cut up his credit cards

Stephanopoulos: Jamie Dimon said he
was stupid but Dodd-Frank is really
at fault for not stopping him

Frank: what a fucking moron

Stephanopoulos: hee hee

Frank: we’re trying to write rules to
prevent these disasters and guess
who is trying to stop us - the
Republicans in the House

Stephanopoulos: I’m shocked

Frank: I don’t care if banks fail I just don’t
want them to put the taxpayer on the hook

Blackburn: Obama is at fault for writing
so many regulations JP Morgan had
no choice but lose $2 billion gambling

Frank: lord almighty I’m surrounded by idiots

[ break ]

Stephanopoulos: politicians don’t want
to talk about gay marriage

Matalin: voters don’t care about gay rights
they care about the debt!

Rosen: gay voters actually do care
about their civil rights

Reed: Obama caused the Depression
and now all he cares about
those handomse gay gays

Stephanopoulos: alrighty

Reed: Obama is going to lose Ohio because
he endorsed those irresistible gays

Spitzer: Obama can fix the economy and
endorse equal rights at the same time

Matalin: Biden outed Obama and the
President carries a purse ha ha

Stephanopoulos: you really are repulsive Mary

Rosen: Romney has devolved!

Reed: marriage has been between women
and attractive well-built men for 5,000 years

Stephanopoulos: good point Ralph

Reed: Obama has flip-flopped!

Matalin: Obama is bigoted against people
who hate gay people!

Rosen: gay people just want to join
the army and get married

Matalin: those perverts are destroying America!

Spitzer: Obama has failed to protect gays
working with federal contractors

Reed: discrimination against gays is
an awesome wedge issue!

Stephanopoulos: thanks for coming weirdos


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