Sunday, April 01, 2012

This Week With George Stephanopoulos - April 1, 2012

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI)
Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD)

Stephanopoulos: wow Paul Ryan has endorsed
Mitt Romney - lock this baby down!

Stephanopoulos: Representative Ryan Democrats
say your plan would cripple America

Ryan: the American people want someone who
isn’t campaigning all the time - Mitt Romney

Stephanopoulos: but all Mitt Romney does
is campaign for President

Ryan: only if you could conceive what he has
been doing lately as ‘campaigning’

Van Hollen: the Ryan plan would slash
investment in America and reward
the richest Americans

Stephanopoulos: Paul you called America’s
military Generals big liars

Ryan: oh yeah I like totally misspoke I didn’t
mean to say that out loud

Stephanopoulos: that makes sense

Ryan: Obama is a hypocrite because he
spends more money on everything but wars
which we must always fight

Stephanopoulos: I can’t argue with that

Ryan: let’s hurt the wealthy by lowering
the highest rates

Van Hollen: the Ryan plan doubles down on
tax cuts for rich which would raise the debt

Stephanopoulos: what’s wrong with that

Van Hollen: they make up the difference by
raising rates on poor Americans!

Ryan: we have a debt crisis so therefore
we must cut taxes!

Stephanopoulos: the President’s lawyer didn’t
address Tea Party concerns before
the Supreme Court

Van Hollen: our health care system is broken
and Obamacare fixes it by requiring people
to buy health insurance

Ryan: Obama took over health care and the
Founders never intended to let the government
make you buy something!

Van Hollen: that’s how they do it Massachusetts!

Ryan: what would people in Boston know
about the Founding Fathers!?

Van Hollen: ok let’s go with single payer then

Ryan: Obamacare will ruin our great health care system!

Stephanopoulos: do you have an alternative

Ryan: we have a plan to give people with
preexisting conditions health insurance
and also free unicorns

Stephanopoulos: Obama has raised gas prices

Van Hollen: free market - ever heard of it?

Ryan: oil on public lands would be given
away free to Americans!

Van Hollen: no it wouldn’t

Ryan: American-made energy is awesome!

[ break ]

Will: we learned this week that there are five justices
who have swallowed tea party rhetoric about Obamacare

Stephanopoulos: for a different perspective let’s
turn to hate-filled lunatic Ann Coulter


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