Sunday, March 13, 2011

This Week with Christiane Amanpour - March 13, 2011

March 13, 2011
Jaker Tapper
Martha Raddatz
Joseph Cirincione - President Ploughshares Fund

Amanpour: I’m in Tokyo as Japan deals with earthquakes, tsunami, floods, explosions and
oh yeah a nuclear meltdown

Audience: yikes

Amanpour: there could be 10,000 people dead in Sendai and the country needed those nuclear
plants for electricity

Audience: cripes

Amanpour: the trains are running again in Japan 3 days later

Republicans: Commies

Amanpour: the coastline areas have been devastated and rescue workers are returning from New Zealand to look for survivors

Audience: oh my

Amanpour: the government said the radiation
leak is safe

Audience: well okay then

Amanpour: the Germans have brought their own personal Geiger counters

Audience: there’s no app for that?

Amanpour: the government says there could another earthquake and of course a tsunami

Muir: there is no water in this devastated town
but there is a 7-11 open

Audience: those hot dogs can survive anything

Kaku: all the backup plans to stop a nuclear meltdown failed so now they’re pumping seawater directly into the core and 200,000 people are
being evacuated

Audience: holy crap it’s like a michael bay movie

Expert: Japan is now dealing with 5 nuclear emergencies

Woodruff: Three Mile Island and Chernobyl got people thinking maybe nuclear power is not all that safe

Amanpour: Is America going to be threatened by a giant Japanese radioactive cloud?

Tapper: no but you can never be too paranoid Christiane

Amanpour: is there something the government
isn’t telling us?

Raddatz: Japanese officials may have spotted Mothra off the coast

Amanpour: how could all the backup systems fail?

Cirincione: well they lost power so now the pumps are running on AA batteries

Audience: oh ok

Amanpour: could this disaster happen here?

Tapper: yes but if it did America would turn to
Japan for help

Audience: gulp

Amanpour: could this affect our need to build nuclear power plants here?

Raddatz: um yeah I think so


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Exxon, Chevron, the Koch brothers all go, "YEAH! More money for us!"

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