Sunday, July 27, 2014

This Week with George Stephanopoulos – July 27, 2014

Jon Karl
Martha Raddatz
Terry Moran
David Kerely
Jim Avila
Gen. James Cartwright
Frederic Wehrey – Fmr Libya Attache
Steve Ganyard
Fran Townshend
Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX)
Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX)

Karl: holy shit America shut
down an embassy in Libya

Moran: in case things weren't
bad enough in the world
Libya is in totally chaos

Moran: it was a precision panicked
evacuation with drones and ships
and jet fighters and segways

Karl: wow

Moran: the Ambassador was
tweeting that there shots being fired
outside her window

Karl: #thatdoesntsoundgood

Moran: there's another
issue here as well

Karl: Benghazi?

Moran: Benghazi

Karl: Benghazi!

Moran: US officials fled Tripoli in
a 150 mile race to safety in Tunisia

Karl: gosh

Moran: the U.S. embassy in
Tripoli is empty and unguarded
go to town radicals!

Karl: how bad do things have
to be where you abandon an embassy

Cartwright: pretty fucking bad

Karl: I imagine

Cartwright: there were 80 marines
and a few civilians left anyway

Karl: oh well no harm done

Cartwright: they shuttered the
embassy with the intent to return

Karl: did they burn the
files like in the movie Argo?

Wehrey: they e-mailed all
their files to themselves

Karl: clever but exactly how
does one evacuate an embassy?

Cartwright: very carefully – but there
was only a skeleton crew 
by the time they left

Karl: but the airport was being
shot at so they couldn't fly out

Cartwright: right so they drove
the whole way – what could be
more American than a road trip

Karl: is al-qaeda on the run or 
is it increasing exponentially?

Cartwright: it's franchising with
substandard products and
seductive marketing

Karl: it's the McDonalds of terror groups

Cartwright: except it kills fewer people

Karl: of course

[ break ]

Raddatz: how do train to
evacuate an embassy?

Expert: hesitation kills!

Raddatz: this fake embassy
attack is fucking terrifying

Expert: it's meant to be Martha

Raddatz: you took the American flags
as you fled in terror

Expert: these colors don't run!

[ break ]

Karl: panel there have been
a lot of plane crashes lately

Kerley: a plane was shot down
in Ukraine so of course lawmakers
are panicking

Ganyand: calm down –
flying is perfectly safe

Kerley: should American planes
have missile defense?

Rep. Steve Israel: terrorists have
lots of shoulder-launched rockets!

NRA: the only thing that stops a
good guy with a rocket launcher
is a good guy with a rocket launcher

Curley: missile defense would
cost a million dollars per plane

Nance: or we could just not fly over war zones

Kerley: but the whole world is scary!

Ganyard: you would have to fly once
per day every day for 4 million
years to die in a plane crash

Karl: facts have a non-panic bias

Ganyard: but why was Malaysia Air
flying over Ukraine?

Karl: to be fair a missile defense system
wouldn't have even helped MH 17

Ganyard: right – but not
being there would have helped

Karl: hey whatever what
happened to MH 370 – was it aliens?

Ganyard: in this day and age we
should not lose an entire plane

Karl: we have this image of terrorists
shooting down planes all over
America just for the fun of it

Townshend: we don't need
missile defense – we need to
stop flying over terror zones

Karl: you think Obama should
not have stopped planes in Tel Aviv

Townshend: it was ridiculous –
it send a signal to the bad guys
that we're scared of their rockets

Karl: but we are scared

Townshend: Obama overreacted to a threat

Karl: also he under-reacted to Benghazi

Townshend: Benghazi!!

Karl: I'm terrified of terrorists

Townshend: you should be
they're everywhere

Karl: although most plane
crashes are weather-related

Ganyard: that's right – weather
kills far more plane passengers
than terrorists do

Karl: agggghhhhhh!!!!!

[ break ]

Avila: most of the new immigrants
are children and female

Rick Perry: call out the National Guard!!

Avila: the Guard can't actually do anything

Karl: don't knock the Guard

Avila: also the number of
immigrants is actually down

Karl: problem solved

Avila: this is a humanitarian crisis
which Congress is being asked to
end before they take a month long vacation

Karl: good luck with that

[ break ]

Karl: Congressman is this
crisis of small children coming
to America finally over?

Cuellar: maybe or it might be
too hot to come to immigrate right now

Karl: you're going on a 5 week
vacation without doing anything

Cornyn: hey we deserve it –
it's hard doing nothing

Karl: I'm sure

Cornyn: we might get some
money to help these kids

Karl: why don't Democrats want
to repeal the Bush law that
caused this problem?

Cuellar: some do

Karl: Pelosi and Reid don't

Cuellar: 42,000 kids have
showed up in my neighborhood!

Karl: what about screening kids
in their home countries?

Cornyn: criminals are exploiting the Bush law!

Karl: well I'm rooting for you

Producer: you said that out loud Jon

Karl: I did?

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