Sunday, July 13, 2014

This Week with George Stephanopoulos – July 13, 2014

Martha Raddatz
Alex Marquardt
Aaron David Miller
Art Rascon
Pierre Thomas
Steve Ganyard
Eric Holder – Attorney General
Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA)
David Plouffe
Cokie Roberts
Ana Navarro
Bill Kristol

Stephanopoulos: wow Israeli
commados raided Gaza!

Raddatz: George these are the
first ground troops since 2009

Stephanopoulos: I always go commando

Raddatz: these are Israeli Navy SEALS

Stephanopoulos: cool

Raddatz: we stood in an Israeli
neighborhood and watched the
Israeli Air Force bomb Gaza

Stephanopoulos: amazing

Raddatz: because of Iron Dome no
Israeli citizen has been killed

Stephanopoulos: “Under the Iron Dome”

Raddatz: but that's not true in
Gaza including many civilians
who have been killed

Stephanopoulos: I see

Raddatz: but this could still become a war

Stephanopoulos: could?

Marquardt: Americans are fleeing Gaza

Marquardt: are disappointed
to be leaving Gaza?

American in Gaza: are you kidding?

Marqaurdt: Israel regrets killing
civilians but blames Hamas for
using them as human shields

Stephanopoulos: what if Israel invades Gaza?

Ganyard: George urban combat is tough stuff

Stephanopoulos: but Iron Dome is amazing

Ganyard: it's so accurate it identifies
all incoming bombs even
that movie where Johnny Depp
had a bird on his head

Stephanopoulos: that's impressive

Miller: Hamas and Israel can't
make a deal because they
really hate each other

Stephanopoulos: can the U.S. do 
anything to help?

Miller: not much because Hamas
is trying to get something out of all this

Stephanopoulos: how does this
all play out?

Miller: Hamas will claim they fought
Israel and won and Israel will claim
they fought Hamas and won and a
lot of people will be dead and we'll
be back where we started from

Thomas: how scared should we
be about terrorists from Syria?

Holder: very scared

Thomas: Mike Rogers says this
the most terrifying time since 9/11

Holder: he's right

Thomas: should I hide under my bed?

Holder: yes we're all about to be killed

Thomas: what's so scary now?

Holder: Western-educated terrorists are smart

Thomas: terrorists have built a
bomb the size of smartphone

Holder: right and not one those big phablets

Thomas: how many American
terrorists are trying to kill me?

Holder: lots and lots

Thomas: how terrified should 
Americans be of ISIS?

Holder: be afraid. Be very afraid

Thomas: what about al qaeda?

Holder: oh them too

Thomas: you took too long to
catch the Benghazi guy

Holder: fuck that shit

Thomas: Republicans want you
to torture the Benghazi guy

Holder: we made him listen to
Justin Bieber songs what
more do they want

Thomas: that cruel

Holder: war is hell

Thomas: what about the Boston bombing?

Holder: these lone wolves
keep me up at night

Stephanopoulos: these home
grown terrorists petrify me

Thomas: they should George

[ break ]

Stephanopoulos: Art is reporting 
from South America

Rascon: this is the heart of the
Mayan civilization although 2012
came and it's still here

Rascon: children in Guatemala are
being murdered every month

Rascon: plus a George W. Bush law
give kids a chance to stay

Rascon: plus Obama had a policy to
let kids who came before 2007 to
stay but coyotes lie

Thomas: critics are saying you are
not shooting immigrants on sight

Holder: we follow the law signed by Bush

Thomas: others say you are
deporting too many people

Holder: we follow the law

Thomas: so what is happening?

Holder: thousands of kids are fleeing 
violence in South America

[ break ]

Stephanopoulos: welcome Bob –
are you willing to fund more
border guards and immigration judge?

Goodlatte: maybe but it's Obama's 
fault for not telling people they 
will be deported immediately

Stephanopoulos: he did

Goodlatte: I say he didn't

Stephanopoulos: okay

Good: he should also go to Mexico

Stephanopoulos: all right

Goodlatte: also Obama won't enforce the law
and is releasing disease ridden criminals
onto our white streets

Stephanopoulos: are you willing to pay
for more judges and guards or not?

Good: no because if you obey the law
Bush signed we will have more
illegal vermin in our neighborhoods

Stephanopoulos: are you drawing 
up articles of impeachment?

Goodlatte: no that's ridiculous –
the President has not committed any crimes

Stephanopoulos: whoa

Goodlatte: on the other hand the President
can't make laws with his cell phone
like some sexting millennial

Stephanopoulos: thanks for coming Bob

Goodlatte: you too George

Stephanopoulos: up next – impeach Obama!!

Stephanopoulos: David why didn't
Obama go to the border?

Plouffe: because it would be pointless

Stephanopoulos: all the more 
reason for him to go

Plouffe: or we could finally 
enact immigration reform

Roberts: obviously it doesn't matter if
Obama goes to the border but it's
very important he go for the symbolism

Stephanopoulos: exactly

Roberts: plus he has to go to show
the world we love these kids

Stephanopoulos: whoa I thought we
agree he has to go to the border to
show the world we don't want these kids
and they will be sent home pronto

Roberts: but that's not the law

Stephanopoulos: who cares

Roberts: besides if they get sent
home they will be murdered

Kristol: I'm afraid we have to

Roberts: no we don't you motherfucker

Kristol: Republicans just realized we
are outraged about a law we enacted in 2008

Stephanopoulos: right

Kristol: all these kids are coming in 2014
because of something Obama did in
2012 which doesn't apply

Navarro: you're all wrong – kids are
coming for many reasons but Obama
should have gone to the border so
he could hear the kids for himself

Plouffe: for the GOP to blame 
the Dream act is ridiculous

Navarro: I didn't do that

Plouffe: I know but I meant Republicans
who actually hold power Ana

Kristol: Democrats are childish –
at least that's what my daddy says

Kristol: also the border is not secure

Plouffe: yes it is

Kristol: we need a massive fence
to keep this children out

Navarro: it's more secure than it's
ever been – anyway the kids are turning
themselves in to the guards

Roberts: also the people of Texas have
helped these kids bless them

Navarro: also I'm tired of hispanic celebrities
who sing and dance like minstels for the
President but haven't solved our immigration crisis

[ break ]

Stephanopoulos: OMG Sarah Palin
called for Obama to be impeached!!

Holder: she's an idiot

Stephanopoulos: I couldn't believe even
Bob Goodlatte doesn't want to impeach
Obama – the media beast is bored
and must be fed!

Kristol: it's completely stupid and irresponsible

Navarro: exactly – no rational 
Republican is talking about it

Stephanopoulos: this is all the Democrats fault

Roberts: no one cares what Sarah Palin thinks

Plouffe: I know I don't

Navarro: no Republicans do and John Boehner actively hates her

Stephanopoulos: Mike tell me about 
this Whirled Cup

Tirico: it's the biggest sporting 
event in the World

Stephanopoulos: that's seems hard to believe

Tirico: LeBron James is here

Stephanopoulos: holy shit

Navarro: in Miami we're glad we 
got LeBron for four years

Plouffe: his letter was perfect

Navarro: he was cocky before he came to Miami and we turned him a mature young man

Stephanopoulos: nothing a matures 
a kid like four years in the most 
decadent city in America

Kristol: I hate all this good-natured sportsmanship

Stephanopoulos: hah

Kristol: fuck goodness – embrace you inner evil I say

Stephanopoulos: you're like a cartoon villain – entitled, arrogant, stupid and cruel

Kristol: I am who I am

Stephanopoulos: you know Bibi 
– what's on his mind

Kristol: he likes bombing people

Roberts: people need to be more afraid of America

Stephanopoulos: I'm still mad Obama 
didn't bomb Syria

Plouffe: Obama gave Israel Iron Dome

Stephanopoulos: Ana you're an expert on the middle east – what do you think?

Navarro: Israel good Hamas bad

Kristol: Cokie Roberts is right – Obama is weak

Roberts: I keep hearing that – why doesn't America kill more people?

Stephanopoulos: I like it

Roberts: maybe if we had gotten involved the Syria civil war sooner none of these problems would be happening

Kristol: she's right – also Benghazi!

Plouffe: I want access to the 
drugs you are taking

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