Sunday, February 05, 2012

This Week With George Stephanopoulos - February 5, 2012

Rep. Ron Paul
Larry Summers
Glenn Hubbard - Romney advisor
Diane Swonk - Mesirow Financial
Arianna Huffington
Matthew Dowd
Dana Loesch
Stephanopoulos: good morning Ron Paul
- you did worse in 2012 than in 2008

Paul: dagnabit!

Stephanopoulos: when do you get
your first win?

Paul: Never! Liberty!

Stephanopoulos: Gingrich is trying to
destroy Mitt Romney

Paul: Sound money! Drug war!
Stop the wars!

Stephanopoulos: go on

Paul: no one likes these bastards

Stephanopoulos: what are you
trying to achieve?

Paul: victory!

Stephanopoulos: seriously Congressman

Paul: talking gibberish got me elected
to Congress

Stephanopoulos: that’s amazing

Paul: the young people of America finally
oppose John Maynard Keynes!

Stephanopoulos: do you think you can
get Mitt Romney to change his mind?

Paul: are you kidding? That guy
changes his mind when the sun rises

Stephanopoulos: good point

[ break ]

Stephanopoulos: unemployment is down!
The stock market is up!

Romney: Obama caused the recession in
2007 and America is tired of all this job growth!

Stephanopoulos: Larry is this job growth for real?

Summers: well it’s not bad news George

Hubbard: yes it’s good news but let’s not
forget just how very very bad the Bush
recession was

Stephanopoulos: true

Hubbard: therefore we should put Republicans
back in the White House

Stephanopoulos: right

Hubbard: we need to cut taxes and
eliminate regulations

Swonk: Bring back the housing bubble!

Summers: Obama bailed out the GOP and
I’ll be damned if we’re going to give them
another chance wreck it all again

Hubbard: Obama is cheating by adding jobs

Stephanopoulos: should we attack Iran
and double oil prices

Swonk: Washington bickering causes recessions

Stephanopoulos: The GOP debt crisis
hurt the economy

Hubbard: Mitt Romney has heroically
called for lower taxes

Stephanopoulos: how brave

Hubbard: Obama has no economic plan

Stephanopoulos: of course

Summers: how about taxing the rich a tiny bit

Hubbard: Obama created the Republican
debt and unemployment

Swonk: Glenn you are idiot

Summers: grrrrr

Stephanopoulos: Romney has won in
Florida and Nevada

Will: there is an enthusiasm gap for Romney
but then again Gingrich is done for

Loesch: Newt just needs to stop talking

Dowd: they guy with the racist newsletters
is the rational alternative to Mitt Romney!

Huffington: Romney is crazier than Ron Paul

Will: Romney won two states and still had
a horrible week because his ideas are terrible

Dowd: we’re adding jobs and if that continues
there will be no reason to vote for Mitt at all

Loesch: watered owned conservatism
doesn’t work or win - go crazy or go home!


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