Sunday, October 16, 2011

This Week with Christiane Amanpour - October 16, 2011

Jonathan Karl
David Axelrod
Ruth Marcus
Laura Tyson
Margaret Brennan
Mary Matalin
George Will
Amanpour: wow Occupy Wall Street has
spread to Rome - the city hasn’t seen
anything like this since the Visigoths

Karl: It’s Herman Cain’s world and
we just live in it

Rick Perry: let’s just drill for oil
all over America

Anita Perry: Americans just
hate Christians

Axelrod: the GOP filibustered
Obama’s Jobs bill

Axelrod: true - so we’ll send it to them
piece by piece

Amanpour: how about the millionaire’s tax?

Axelrod: most non-millionaires seem
to be okay with it

Amanpour: what about Occupy Wall Street?

Axelrod: they’re really protesting
Mitt Romney

Amanpour: But Obama used to
love Wall Street

Axelrod: some of those guys are
very smart

Amanpour: Can the GOP and Democrats
get along?

Axelrod: No

Amanpour: Will Mitt Romney be the nominee?

Axelrod: he will be if the voters want an
unprincipled soulless corporate ghoul

Amanpour: Ok how about Herman Cain?

Axelrod: it would be interesting to
nominate a true crazy person

Amanpour: Rick Perry?

Axelrod: yes let’s put a sleepy disinterested
George Bush cloned oil lobbyist in the White House

Amanpour: so who will be the nominee?

Will: Romney has Versatility of Conviction

Matalin: Barack Obama is the real flip flopper

Amanpour: not Mitt Romney?

Matalin: no he changes his mind which is very positive

Amanpour: that’s not what Obama does?

Matalin: no he’s unprincipled and also a
committed radical liberal

Karl: don’t count out Rick Perry!

Marcus: why don’t people love Mitt -
he’ll be whatever you want!

Amanpour: what about Occupy Wall Street?

Marcus: those unwashed hippies seem to
have struck a populist nerve

Amanpour: are they Republicans or Democrats?

Reporter: they’re anti-corporate

Amanpour: when are they leaving because
I would love to visit the beautiful Zuccotti park

Reporter: they’re never leaving Christiane

Karl: Obama supported the bailouts!

Amanpour: Mary does Rick Perry even
want to be President?

Matalin: sure he feel asleep during the debates
but that doesn’t matter

Will: he’s from Texas where you get elected
by shooting coyotes

Perry: Mitt Romney is a gay-loving
Jimmy Carter clone!

Karl: Romney is not gay as far as I know

Marcus: Perry is an immigrant-loving
Social Security hater

Amanpour: what about Herman Cain?

Marcus: He’s a soufflĂ© - temporary rise
and quick collapse

Amanpour: but deliciously light and fluffy

Brennan: Inside the Wall Street stock exchange
people are frustrated at not having even
more money for their giant risk-free casino

Tyson: Economists say Obama’s Jobs would
create 2 million jobs

Amanpour: but the Republicans won’t vote for it

Tyson: it’s full of their ideas!

Karl: even Mark Zandi doesn’t like it

Tyson: he was John McCain’s top advisor in 2008!

Will: Occupy Wall Street is about to go
mainstream with debt repudiation

Amanpour: wow

Will: that will lead to inflation and therefore
fascism and World War Three

Tyson: American’s don’t have great skills
like creating complex financial instruments

Brennan: we should protest at universities
for not teaching anything useful like
fake AAA tranches

Karl: the Jobs Bill is evil social engineering -
it gives tax credits for hiring veterans

Amanpour: thanks for coming everyone

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