Sunday, October 09, 2011

This Week with Christiane Amanpour - October 9, 2011

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-MD)
Jesse LaGreca
Jonathan Karl
Donna Brazile
George Will
Matthew Dowd
Peggy Noonan

Amanpour: wow those kids at
Occupy Wall Street appear not to like
corporate greed and unemployment

Reporter: these sleepy peaceful
protestors are a grave threat

Amanpour: clearly

Karl: this looks likes a growing
national protest movement but the
GOP says it’s a dangerous mob

Cain: if you don’t have a job blame yourself!

Karl: Herman Cain will probably be
the next President

Obama: I’m the underdog!

Hank Williams Jr: Just like Hitler!

Amanpour: George Obama said some Americans
aren’t better off than they were four years ago

Will: not true - Republicans are

Dowd: Obama is beleaguered

Noonan: Obama is talking into a void

Amanpour: it’s like having a conversation with you

Brazile: he’s no underdog dammit

Dowd: if the GOP blocks Obama’s jobs bill
the public will blame Obama

Brazile: so you say white man

Amanpour: Why won’t Blue Dog Senate
Democrats pass Obama’s Jobs bill?

Pelosi: because they’re dipshits Christiane

Amanpour: so what’s the answer?

Pelosi: go directly to the people

Amanpour: do you like the new combative Obama?

Pelosi: he’s fighting - I love it!

Amanpour: is it enough?

Pelosi: you gotta go out there and talk
about kitchen table concerns - it’s a fight!

Amanpour: ok so you’re fighting

Pelosi: we’ll let the American people decide!

Amanpour: People disapprove of Congress

Pelosi: well so do I!

Amanpour: what do you think of
Occupy Wall Street?

Pelosi: they’re right - we need change!

Amanpour: Paul Ryan says they are a mob
and Americans should never be pitted against
each other except for gays muslims women and not-rich people

Pelosi: he’s and idiot and hypocrite

Amanpour: I see

Pelosi: Hell even Ronald Reagan talked about income and wealth inequality

Amanpour: yeah but he was a well-known socialist

[ break ]

Amanpour: Holy crap Occupy Wall Street is taking over America!

Amanpour: is this like the Tea Party?

Will: the Tea Party is the bourgeoisie

Amanpour: yes I believe that’s their slogan

Will: I love Occupy Wall Street

Amanpour: why is that?

Will: those dirty hippies are going to give
the GOP the White House for 20 years

Braxile: that’s crazy - they have legitimate complaints and everyone knows it!

Noonan: Wall Street tanked America and paid no price so they may have a point

Amanpour: interesting Peggy

Noonan: but the Tea Party were mature -
not like these childish bongo drummers

Dowd: Wall Street is not the GOP base!

Amanpour: it’s not?

Dowd: no it’s poor people outraged about
high taxes on the rich

LaGreca: Politicians and the media represent
the wealthiest 1%

Amanpour: not fair - we sometimes have
non-billionaires on the show

LaGreca: well ok then

Amanpour: what will it take for us to go
back to ignoring you

LaGreca: Social Justice

Amanpour: oh dear

Will: Jesse if the government is corrupt
shouldn’t we just get rid of all government?

LaGreca: no because we live in a democracy

Amanpour: will this movement grow?

LaGreca: yes because it’s about giving
people a voice

Brazile: this is a real legitimate
political movement!

Amanpour: people are selling their
blood just to survive

Noonan: yes - so is Occupy Wall Street hurt
poor people by blocking the Brooklyn Bridge
or will they take a shower and get stuff done??

Amanpour: Yes please Jesse tell us all your plan
for rescuing America’s economy

LaGreca: I think it’s funny that people now
want Occupy Wall Street to solve all
of America’s problems

Amanpour: well you certainly don’t expect
us to do it do you?

LaGreca: No I don't

Amanpour: Thanks for coming everyone

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Anonymous said...

Your summary as always, is brilliant, but just this once I recommend people watch the original. Jesse kicked ass! Those smirkers didn't know what they were up again. It was like an earthquake and the walls came tumbling down.

Here it is