Sunday, October 02, 2011

Meet The Press - October 2, 2011

Gov. Bob McDonnell (R-VA)
Gov. Deval Patrick (D-MA)
Rep. Xavier Becerra (D-CA)
E.J. Dionne
Mike Murphy
Peggy Noonan
Gregory: wow Obama killed Al-Awlaki
and defended gay soldiers

Audience: badass

Perry: send U.S. troops to Mexico!

Gregory: oh and some hippies were
arrested in New York

Gregory: how does Obama win an election
with this economy?

Patrick: he says Government is there to
help people help themselves

Gregory: I see

Patrick: or how about this - Obama is on your side!

Gregory: Bob - I see Obama is starting
to call out Republicans

McDonnell: The election is about Jobs,
Debt and Kenya

Gregory: is that was the GOP debates
have been about?

McDonnell: not exactly

Gregory: The Wall Street Journal surveyed
CEOs and they’re not happy

Patrick: In Massachusetts we’re creating jobs
by investing in the future

Gregory: what about Obama’s jobs bill?

Patrick: it would help America which is
why it won’t happen

McDonnell: Obama is blaming the Tea Party
just because they wanted to default on our debts

Gregory: that’s too bad

McDonnell: Also Obama hates America

Patrick: where do you get off attacking
his patriotism?

McDonnell: Dodd-Frank caused the recession
which proves Obama doesn’t believe in the
good old U S of A

Gregory: you oppose Obamacare

McDonnell: this is going to be a campaign issue
because Americans don’t want health insurance

Patrick: in my experience a lot of people
like health care

Gregory: Chris Christie says we shouldn’t
demonize the rich by raising their taxes by 5%

McDonnell: people are begging Christie to run
because they are sure the GOP will take the
White House in 2012

Gregory: that makes no sense

Patrick: he won’t run because he doesn’t want
to lose to Obama

Gregory: Can Obama carry Virginia?

McDonnell: Virginia is a shining city on a hill that
gets gobs and gobs of federal money

Gregory: what about the Red Sox

Patrick: I haven’t see a collapse this bad since
Bachmann won the Iowa straw poll

[ break ]

Gregory: Christie said he would commit suicide
rather than seek the Republican nomination
for President

Murphy: that sounds about right

Noonan: the GOP base is primal

Dionne: the base keeps attacking its own candidates

Gregory: So the question about these candidates
is - Screw, Marry or Kill?

Becerra: whether to commit suicide is one
of the biggest decisions our candidates can make

Murphy: the GOP is drunk right now but they
will sober up and vote sensibly for Romney

Noonan: we can lose America in the next
three years if we don’t elect a true psychotic

Dionne: I believe we as a nation can pull this off

Becerra: you don’t want to lose Latino voters
believe me

Gregory: there are a lot of Hispanic voters
aren’t there?

Murphy: If Romney moves to Perry’s right on
immigration it’s going to hurt him against Obama

Becerra: the GOP is screwed with Latinos

Murphy: But Obama is screwed with the economy

Palin: there mere Presidency would shackle
my messaging

Dionne: she belongs on another planet

Gregory: She’s a kingmaker isn’t she?

Noonan: No Fluffy she’s a very cunning grifter

Murphy: Don’t underestimate Rick Perry

Gregory: can Obama win?

Dionne: he’s reached agreements with the GOP
and now he’s finally gone to the people with
what he believes

Gregory: Is Obama a fighter?

Becerra: Yes He Could - if the GOP
Wouldn’t Stop Us

Dionne: Bob McDonnell blamed Obama for not
making the Tea Party see reason

Noonan: a true leader would make Republicans
not act crazy

Murphy: he drove the GOP away by running as a
socialist by enacting a GOP health care reform law

Becerra: the Jobs Bill is full of Republican ideas!

Noonan: so Democrats won’t vote for it!
What a failed leader!

Gregory: what’s the deal with Occupy Wall Street

Dionne: Finally! An organized Left!

Gregory: Peggy you have to give Obama credit
for getting a deal with Boehner

Noonan: [ mixing cocktail ] sorry what?

Gregory: anyone have a problem with Obama using
a drone to kill an American?

Becerra: would rather he pushed him out a window?

Murphy: the Florida primary could decide
the nominee

Gregory: Let’s talk about Chris Christie some more

Murphy: why the hell not [ takes drink from Noonan ]

Gregory: Is Congress shut down for the next year?

Becerra: not at all - we plan on working almost
100 days next year

Gregory: Perry wants to invade Mexico

Noonan: I’ll drink to that

Gregory: and that’s another episode of
Meet The Press

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Murphy: Don’t underestimate Rick Perry

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