Sunday, August 15, 2010

ABC's This Week - August 15, 2010

Host: Christiane Amanpour
Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN)
Fmr. Governor Jon Corzine (D-NJ)
Laura Tyson
Martin Regalia - Chamber of Commerce
Amanpour: hi everyone the economy still sucks
as many of you may have noticed

Audience: um yeah

Regalia: as an expert I can say that unemployment
is bad

Tyson: we should help unemployed people
and also try to create jobs

Amanpour: wow

Tyson: hey those stimulus jobs are right around
the corner

Amanpour: excellent

Tyson: also send people to college - all those people seem to have jobs

Amanpour: Bob how is it going in your state?

Corker: things are going great although some rural areas lack indoor plumbing

Amanpour: what’s the solution

Corker: we have to calm down in Washington and stop giving doing things because businesses are very confused about whether they should hire people who now have access to health care

Corzine: oh bullshit - George Bush lost $17 trillion and let third-world countries pass us by while he pranced around on aircraft carriers

Tyson: hey I noticed that this nation is falling apart and our kids aren’t going to school - maybe we could address that

Amanpour: interesting notion

Regalia: if taxes were lower things would be awesome

Corker: we definitely need to build infrastructure and invest but first we need to cut taxes and spending and stop debating little issues like the economy
and concentrate on big issues like bringing back voodoo economics

Corzine: more bullshit - the economy grew like gangbusters after Clinton raised taxes in 1993

Amanpour: interesting

Corzine: yeah I lost my election but come this fall you’ll see I won’t be the only one

Amanpour: Germany is doing well - why is that?

Tyson: the Germans have high taxes and are building useful products while we lead the world in stupefying reality tv shows

Regalia: TAX CUTS!

Corker: what he said