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The Chris Matthews Show - December 7, 2008

The Chris Matthews Show
December 7, 2008

Matthews: OMG my 401k is in the hands of a black man!!

Heileman: The Man is fucking amazing and we all agree America is fucked

Mitchell: The Man is competent and can speak well

Matthews: we we wanted change and we're getting it

Kernan: Wall Street of course hates the liberal black man who wants to raise taxes but we have no choice but to back this guy - Jack Welch is a fucking socialist

Kernan: we need the B-52s to stimulate us

Tweety: Love Shack!

Parker: i love the way Obama challenged the people and calloused our hands

Kernan: We have to spend a quadrillion dollars!!

Heileman: all we have to do is fix teh economy, war, health care, and energy

Tweety: oh is that all

Tweety: how will we pay for all this

Mitchell: obama will just tap into his internet fundraisers

Kernan: liberal bloggers will save us all

Tweety: Magic Bloggers!

Heileman: the housing crisis is everyone's fault because I bought a big apartment on 75th street but Detroit is bad!

Parker: their cars fucking suck

Tweety: when does Obama's failed presidency begin?

Parker: one year

Kernan: there won't be one - The Man is going to succeed

Mitchell: 9-12 months

Tweety: when does he fail??? When does Obama expire like a milk carton. When does Obama lose his new car smell??

Heileman: six months

Tweety: OMG let's make fun of Joe Biden!!!

Parker: ha!

Mitchell: ha ha

Heileman: hee hee hee

Tweety: OMG Hillary Clinton is back in the news!!!

Matthews: who will sleep with Obama - Biden or Clinton??

Mitchell: Jim Jones - he's better looking!

Heileman: Biden turned down Sec of State and he chose Hillary!

Matthews: but that destroys my whole theory!!

Parker: well Tweety you are an idiot

Tweety: ha!

Mitchell: he's known for his domestic policy not foreign policy anyway

Matthews: you blew my mind!

Parker: hispanics want more latinos!

Kernan: Turkey's can't fly!

Mitchell: Paterson is going to appoint Caroline Kennedy!

Heileman: david brooks says Obama is finally going to a appoint a non-liberal at Education!

Tweety: wow!

Tweety: OMG what about Bill Clinton!!

Parker: he should have low key affairs

Kernan: Hillary's svengolly

Mitchell: He's now locked into the Obama legacy

Heileman: he feels guilty about not helping Hillary and so he will reach out to the black community by playing golf at restricted country clubs

Tweety: blacks only!?!?

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