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The Chris Matthews Show - August 3, 2008

The Chris Matthews Show
August 3, 2008

Matthews: what should Obama do?

Robinson: bring 15 guys home from Iraq

Borger: bring black power into the white house

Klein: he can't end the war and fix the economy he must choose

Bumilller: politics is real and he must deal

Tweety: i love it!

Klein: but this is different from Bill Clinton because everyone hates Republicans

Tweety: except for you because you say liberals hate america

Klein: right i'm in the middle - i'm neither a lying fuckward or a dirty hippie

Robinson: doods the Democrats might also win the house and Senate and feel their oats

Tweety: that's a lot of power

Klein: that's a lot of red diapers

Tweety: what if it's a Dem landslide in Congress and the White House

Borger: that is very bad news for the Dems and Obama

Bumiller: Obama has to solve peace in the middle east

Klein: how could Obama allow Pakistan to have nukes and terrorists???

Tweety: will Obama pleez work with the Republicans??

Borger: yes if he is willing to compromise - after all there are two sides to every story the GOP and the truth - both are legit

Klein: GOP freak out!

Borger: people are voting for the end of gridlock

Bumiller: no they are voting for an end to the war and the Bush years

Tweety: Lieberman is campaigning for the Republicans - wow his timing is impeccable

Borger: Dems to the left of Hagel seem him as a traitor

Bumiller: he has a three-way with McCain and Graham

Klein: he’s John McCain's Zelig Miller

Tweety: wow McCain is a maverick!!

Tweety: but Nasty Mean Democrats won't work with the war hero!!

Klein: they won't like him because the only way McCain can win is lying and racism

Tweety: but he's a romantic guy and he will be one of our Great Presidents!

Bumiller: that's not the word I would use

Borger: McCain is bipartian and Obama is a terrible mean nasty liberal

Bumiller: McCain always keeps his promises

Klein: McCain is a Bull Moose

Robinson: he's got the bull down

Borger: it depends which McCain shows up the POW -good McCain or the mean-McCain

Robinson: umm, who gives a shit - it's not as if he's going to be President for gawd's sake

Tweety: true but there are 2 sides to every story - the truth and the falsehood that McCain can win

Borger: New Mexico, Nevada, Colorado will be the new battlegrounds

Tweety: who wins?

Borger: i don't know - that's the point

Robinson: the economy will decide this election

Tweety: wow good news for McCain!

Robinson: you keep telling yourself that chirpy

Klein: there's a tidal wave of young black voters!!

Tweety: oh noes a bad sample!

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