Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Chris Matthews Show - July 13, 2008

The Chris Matthews Show
July 12, 2008

Chris Matthews: omg teh Rocky mountains are going to be renamed the Baracky Mountains!!!

Dan Rather: he better carry Neuvo Mexico cause the Deer Hunters hate that elitist dood

Cynthia Tucker: he stole the primaries by registering young naive messiah-believing kids

Tweety: can he win Georgia?

Tucker: the black guy can win that state

Tweety: that’s good news for Obama!

Tucker: i was talking about Bob Barr

Howard Fineman: if the election were Sunday morning McCain wins because college kids will still be drunk but the tree hungers are early risers

Matthews: while Obama was swinging in the summer of love McCain was being bayoneted

Kelly O'Donnell: most young people don't even know McCain served in the Franco-Prussian war

Tweety: he's a good old American like John Wayne

Kelly: he never talks about his POW service he just runs endless ads on TV about it

Rather: it touches Americans deep in side

O'Donnell: McCain wants to remind young people that they and their friends could be killed in his war

Tweety: that's a winner!

Fineman: McCain shows he loves america by bombing people 7,000 miles away and Obama wants to bring people together

Tweety: doesn't sound very John Wayney to me

Tweety: VP!?!

O'Donnell: Obama should go with Evan Bayh

Fineman: that's stupid

O'Donnell: but he's popular

Fineman: he is caucasian which is good

Tweety: an asian and a black guy on one ticket?!!? Cynthia what about regular white peple??

Cynthia: Blonde on Blonde is good

Tweets: give me your wisdom kelly

Kelly: taking Colorado could work!!

Rahter: nah

Tucker: nope

Fineman: he's got to win Ohio

Tweety: why Johnny Can't Read???

Fineman: he's old

Tweety: he's got to be more Big Dog and less Ron Burgundy

Rather: heh like the time i said 'Go Fuck Yourself America'

Tweety: when was that?

Rather: every night i worked for CBS news

Chris Matthews: McCain's campaign staff Arizona is being shaken up so much the Headquarters is called "Shake 'n Bake"

Howard Fineman: no one ever really leaves they just die of old age

Kelly O'Donnell: McCain is crazy - but some people like that

Tweety: is he a total loon or just eccentric?

Kelly: well let's say he's at least one solider short of a platoon

Chris Matthews: tell me a story!

Kelly O'Donnell: GOP leaders will tell Bush the convention this year will be held in Alaska

Cynthia Tucker: another angry black man can be tied to Obama

Howard Fineman: Colin Powell is desperate to be vindicated by history

Chris Matthews: omg Obama will speak at a football stadium he must be a mile high!!

Dan Rather: mimi boppo

Kelly O'Donnell: it's terrible - too much security

Cynthia Tucker: it will be a let down cause he can't give a speech

Howard Fineman: duh it's brilliant

Tweety: of course it is


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