Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Chris Matthews Show - July 20, 2008

The Chris Matthews Show
July 20, 2008

Matthews: isn't John McCain the real change guy??

Kelly O'Donnell: his new slogan is “Reform No One Believes In”

Cynthia Tucker: I miss the John McCain of 2000 but he died and now he is an agent of intolerance

Matthews: why move to the right?

Tucker: because he lost in 2000 and he must appease the lunatics in teh GOP

Fineman: he has a problem because he has to run against Bush but he agrees with Bush

Matthews: oh dear

Rather: he has to run on Fear of The Black Man

O'Donnell: oh no it won't be ‘fear’ -- they will simply point out that if Obama is elected your gay muslim children will die

Matthews: McCain should go old school and then the GOP like LBJ against Goldwater will win 49 states

Tucker: clearly all they have to do to win is point out that he is just like History's Greatest Monster

Chris: I loves the Cookie Monster

Tucker: no Jimmy Carter

Fineman: he should promise to balance the budget-but-not-really and then yell out ‘Obama is Black’!!!

O'Donnell: he should run as a POW and promise to govern from inside a tiger cage

Rather: McCain is fucked like a jackrabbit in a summer rainstorm

Tucker: Obama is black

Matthews: What?!?!?!

John McCain in 2000: Bush should be ashamed of himself

Bush: i won asshole

McCain: awww hugs all around

Bush: P0wnd as usual

Matthews: Bush wants to McCain to carry on his legacy of Crazy

Bush: we have a lurking enema

O'Donnell: McCain is more open to diplomacy

Chris: yeah he like to talk to people before bombing the shit out of them

Rather: McCain has bought into Rove cause he has the math

O'Donnell: no no no he's more like Schwarzenegger

Chris: gee what a relief the Idiot and the Muscleman

Fineman: hey Kelly McCain agrees with Bush and they need a third GOP term to cover up all their crimes

Chris: that's a good point

Kelly: leave John McCain alone!!

Tucker: Dobson doesn't like Obama

Chris: gee what a shock

Fineman: silicon valley is worried about electricity

Chris: doesn't the internets run on hamsters?

Fineman: no it doesn't chris

Chris: teh liberal bloggers hate Obama but could that help him

Kelly: u bet

Rather: but the appearance of hesitation is deadly for a young dem

Tucker: exactly

Fineman: the bloggers may vote for Ralph Nader

Chris: they’re not gruntled!


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