Monday, May 19, 2008

Meet The Press with Jim Webb - May 18, 2008

Meet The Press
May 18, 2008
Guest: Sen. Jim Webb

Russert: you are undecided that's craaaaaazy!!!

Webb: i'm cool but coy

Russert: do you want to be Veep?

Webb: who me, nah

Russert: but you wouldn't say no

Webb: well no

Russert: Bush says this is just like when Nazi tanks crossed into Poland when clearly ignoring Hitler worked so well

Webb: that's right doing nothing while Hitler built up his military while talking tough clearly worked wonders

Russert: bush is genius

Webb: clearly

Russert: you say people still think of the Dems as the anti-military party and teh GOP treats soldiers as political tools

Webb: i lived the military dream and the Dems treated veterans as victims and GOP treated soldiers as if they were all Rambo types who existed to support Republican fantasies

Russert: well don’t they?

Webb: well if they are how about giving them the same rights as soldiers from WWII

Russert: yeah but they were the greatest generation and the current soldiers are video game-playing slackers

Webb: that’s their best argument

Russert: but the GOP wear flag pins!!

Webb: they say it’s too expensive but they love stop-loss

Russert: President Bush says we can't let soldiers leave we must keep them trapped in the military to keep America a free country

Webb: soldiers serve because they love their country but they won't serve if they are treated like shit

Russert: yes we on Nantucket are worried about that

Russert: anyone who doesn't want to keep US soldiers in a middle east civil war is weak

Webb: that is so fucking stupid

Russert: war is peace!

Webb: asshole

Russert: you have three tats

Webb: i heard you have three tits

Russert: ah the Russert family legacy

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