Sunday, August 26, 2007

Meet The Press - Sunday, August 26, 2007

Meet The Press
Sunday, August 26, 2007
Guest: Senator John Warner

Tim Russert: You said we should withdraw from Iraq why did you say that

Senator Warner: I say this respectfully - because i don't respect Bush at all - Bush said it was all up to Maliki and man I wouldn't trust that dood to run an ice cream stand

Russert: But bush loves him

Warner: He's a complete failure

Russert: you’re trying to get Maliki's attention

Warner: Bush's too - i tried the feather on a string thing but nothing seems to work with President Stupid

Russert: One of Bush's employee's says it would be a step backwards he says if we were to leave and insurgents would immediately take over

Warner: Crimminy that proves my point apparently we've accomplished nothing in 4 years!!!

Russert: Things aren't going great?

Warner: Iraqi troops totally suck

Russert: Peter Pace wants withdrawal

Warner: here's a newsflash Commander Stupid has wrecked our military by sticking them in the desert for 4 years getting shot at

Russert: what happens next

Warner: if had to fight in Iran or North Korea we're fucked

Russert: should we withdrawal?

Warner: Bush has until September 15 to come to his senses

Russert: is Maliki right that Americans should keep troops in his country to prop him up and butt out of his affairs?

Warner: fuck him

Russert: so should we set up timetables and leave

Warner: Tim I just said that but i did it in such a folksy way you didn't get it

Russert: you're like a Mark Twain character

Warner: all i want is for Bush to do what he fucking said he was going to do gosh darn it

Russert: Maliki says al Sadr is a good guy

Warner: oh lawdy lawdy why are we fucking around in this blasted land

Russert: who's side are we on

Warner: it's a fucking struggle for power dood they don't care about America one way or the other

Russert: why can't they all just get along???

Warner: i don't know its a mystery we've bombed the shit out of their country what more could we do

Russert: beats me

Warner: they promised our troops they would deliver Iraq to us by gawd

Russert: what if Bush tells you to go fuck yourself?

Warner: I whipped that boy good last year and he went to general quarters and he created this whole surge business

Russert: but you supported it

Warner: right i want the president to seek the light

Russert: are you all talk or are you going to back it up with action you senile bastard?

Warner: if Bush doesn't make some token gesture in September I willl stick my Virginian boot up his ass

Russert: i don't believe you i think you‘re full of it

Warner: fiddlesticks

Russert: what about your buddies in the Senate

Warner: hey they're scared they will break with Bush they have to or lose office

Russert: they're AWOL

Warner: i'm trying you know i can't get Norm Coleman out of the Senate washroom he stays in there all day sobbing

Russert: are you going to run again you’re 80 years old

Warner: you think you're better than me? I'll wrassil you right here and now Timmy

Russert: hey whatever old man

Warner: i keep a diary - look here's my entry for today: "Dear Diary, today i delivered a beat down on that little punk Tim Russert"

Senator John Warner of Virginia


Thomas Ricks (author of “Fiasco”): the situation in Iraq is even more fucked than you can imagine

Michael Gordon (author of “Cobra II”): it's all politics the US is trying to unite the Sunnis to stop all the fighting

Russert: but arming the sunnis and shiites is insane

Gordon: nobody said it was perfect

Russert: are we dumping Maliki

Richard Engel (NBC News Middle East Bureau Chief): yes he will fall soon and then it will really be fun in Iraq

Russert: solution?

Engel: power sharing is a stupid idea it’s not working

Russert: how do we fix it?

Engel: we admit "blue fingers day" was a disaster and hold new elections and hopefully a new Saddam will emerge

Ricks: troops will be drawn down in April of 2008 -- maybe

Gordon: they have to come down in March of next year

Tim: oh ok

Gordon: the NIE said if we leave we will lose all the gains we've made

Tim: that's awful

Gordon: yes this is inevitable no one even bothers to ask why we're there anymore

Tim: is a civil war inevitable?

Engel: oh yes it's happening right now and also the US troops are primed to say the Democratic Party stabbed them in the back

Russert: Rugtosslegende

Engel: US soldiers are helping old women and children it's all they have

Gordon: the next 3-4 months will determine the future of Iraq

Russert: what will happen

Gordon: i have no idea

Ricks: this is worse than Vietnam because we could walk away from there but the middle east has oil

Engel: eventually US troops will pull back to their bases doing nothing while a war rages around them for 10-15 years

Russert: did you say years???

Engel: yup

Gordon: if we leave the chaos will be even more chaotic

Ricks: we need to get beyond politics and get together and agree on a solution even though there isn't one



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