Sunday, May 13, 2007

Hardball, May 11, 2007

Hardball, May 11, 2007


Matthews: Iraqi parliament wants us to leave

Eugene Robinson: so why dont we leave

Matthews: its almost like we invaded

Brownstein: amazing that Dems are showing backbone it blows my mind

Matthews: bush isn't afraid of nuttin' - hes like teh cowardly lion

Tumulty: yeah

Matthews: bush is teh commander in chief - he needs no more power - the toothpaste is out of teh tubes

Tumulty: um yeah

Matthews: hes like Harry Truman he wants David McCullough to write a book about maybe call it Loserman

Robinson: he will never give in

Brownstein: Rudy is teh federalist

Matthews: hes jeffersonian - but will the crazies buy it

Tumulty: california is key to this strategy that’s where Rudy can win

Brownstein: no your wrong they're all wingnuts in Orange County

Matthews: i miss that show - that guy was hot

Robinson: calm down dood u still have one tree hill

Matthews: yeah

Robinoson: if abortion is murder why is it ok in California and not Montana

Lisa Myers: witness sez Governor of Nevada Jim Gibbons took bribes

Matthews: whats his evidence

Myers: dood saw teh briefcase full of money and casino chips

Matthews: buy maybe it was only singles

Myers: these were hundreds

Matthews: ok does he have an ax to grind

Myers: hes telling teh truth

Matthews: how can i tell if how old an an e-mail is

Myers: dood thats a science

Matthews: yur teh best

Miklaszewski: general Mixon was blunt - he said were not making any progress in iraq 60 deaths in diayla in 2007

Matthews: dood

Miklaszewski: he needs reinforcements its teh classic story of an empire trying to sieze territory thats not theirs

Matthews: yeah

Miklaszewski: we win in one area and teh insurgents move somewhere else

Matthews: well we always have teh iraqi government

Miklaszewski: oh i forgot Mixon sez they suck

Matthews: so we cant win

Miklaszewski: well militarily of course we need to cross our fingers and hope the iraqi government will solve every problem by September

Matthews: but Bush will just hold some stoopid press conference in September announcing victory is just around teh corner

Miklaszewski: dood its too late the iraqi government is so fucked up they wont even pretend to try

Matthews: its a revoltin’ development im quoting some stoopid cartoon from like 50 years ago

Ron Christie: we GOPers have been pushing for responsibility in Iraq for a long time - oh let me mention al qaeda

Robinson: dood u make me wish i wasn't black

Christie: im here, im weird, get used to it

Robinons: Shiites are going to piss on sunnis because they can

Matthews: Iraqi parliament 2 month vacation in France

Christie: for goodness sake they need to step it up -- u know they asked us to invade and greeted us as liberators the least they could do vote Republican

Matthews: oh shut up

Christie: support our troops and vote GOP

Robinson: what the fuck is victory anyway

Matthews: if they weren't brown we wouldn't be there

Matthews: and we're back with Michael Baschloss -- dood do any of they current candidates have the ability to give me a man-crush

Beschloss: u need more than testosterone u need judgement look at LBJ

Matthews: he wuz watching Patton

Beschloss: JFK supported the civil rights bill because blacks were rioting

Matthews: so what

Beschloss: but also he showed courage Dems lost the South

Matthews: Reagan sat down with Gorby

Beschloss: funny story - he though Gorby wuz Jack Benny

Matthews: will David McCullough write a book about Bush saying hez a hero

Beschloss: hell be dead first

Matthews: buy Beschloss's book for yur mother then she'll never call you again

Matthews: and we're back with a guy bashing Bush on teh war -- we were promised cheap gas dammmit

Hormats: yeah teh bush administration lied

Matthews: gee im shocked

Hormats: it was teh inconceivable

Matthews: so did we even try to get some $$$ from iraq

Hormats: dood unless u take rubble as currency i think you’re outta luck

Matthews: well i am from Philly

Hormats: u know Preznits used to tell teh truth about cost and sacrifice

Matthews: i miss FDR and WWII

Hormats: yeah bush hasn't even tried to get Americans involved in this war

Matthews: i beginning to think this war was a mistake


Anonymous said...

what an amazingly accurate transcript. Even better than the real thing. Thank you and thanks to that Atrios dood.

solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short said...

Lies, lies, lies. I watched that episode of Hardball, and it wasn't nearly as substantive as you would have your readers believe.

isaac said...

you make good words