Sunday, September 27, 2015

Most Ridiculous Moment – September 27, 2015


It was a really big day for the Sunday talks shows, with the Pope in America, the Speaker resigning, and a Presidential election a mere 400 days away.

On Face the Nation, soon to be Former Speaker John Boehner ripped into the conservatives who pushed him out, saying “Absolutely they're unrealistic,” and “the Bible says, beware of false prophets.” 
He said some members “whip people into 
a frenzy believing they can accomplish things that they know, they know are never going to happen,” and noted their plan to shut down the government to get rid of Obamacare “never had chance.”

On ABC conservative Matthew Dowd was moved by the visit of the Pope, but is sad, because “the day after the Pope leaves... there's a state dinner for a human rights violator who could care less about religious freedom among a bunch of billionaires and millionaires, and the first lady wears a multi-thousand dollar Vera Wang designer gown.”

But it was the Presidential candidates 
making the most news.

The front-runner for the Democratic nomination, Hillary Clinton, was on  
Meet the Press for a much-anticipated sit down interview. Chuck Todd asked her 18 questions about her e-mails, and one about whether she has changed her positions on the Iraq war, same sex marriage and the Keystone pipeline. Clinton explained that she already had the server in her basement so it was no big deal just to add her account to it. Andrea Mitchell observed “But she's basically not dealing with the question that there is this continued drip, drip, drip. And she cannot get to the policies that she wants to talk about.”

Host Chuck Todd explained that topics like “foreign policy, domestic policy, a whole bunch of stuff,” will have to wait for his new daytime cable news show.

On This Week, Ben Carson said America is currently on “an inexorable track toward destruction,” and said be believes hardened criminals from Iraq, Somalia and Russia are sneaking across the U.S. border, because sheriffs told him and you can't trust the federal government on this subject.

On Islam, he was his usual coherent self, saying Islam comes sharia, the Koran, Muhammad and fatwas, and he might change his mind about Islam being constitutional 
if he were shown the right approved Islamic text. Also, Carson said, Islam is “against the 
rights of gays,” which is “not compatible 
with our Constitution.”

But the most absurd moments came in Carly Fiorina's interview on Meet The Press. She defended her time as CEO of Hewlett-Packard, saying she led the company through the difficult times of the Bush Presidency, and “We went on to grow 150,000 jobs. We quadrupled the growth rate of the company, quadrupled the cash flow of the company.”

Chuck Todd pointed out that in the recent debate she condemned Planned Parenthood over a scene in avvideo that does not exist. She replied “No, not at all. That scene absolutely does exist,” and said people are throwing condoms at her to distract from the reality that “Planned Parenthood is aborting fetuses alive to harvest their brains and 
other body parts. That is a fact.”

When Todd pointed “even the people that made the videos admit it's stock footage,” she replied “Do you think this is not happening?” and “That is a fact. 
It is a reality.”

When Todd said she was ducking his question, she doubled down, saying 
“No one can deny this is happening because it is happening,” and called Planned Parenthood “a political slush fund on top of being butchery,” and concluded by saying Democrats don't believe babies are 
alive until they leave the hospital.

Panelists were left dumbfounded by the interview, with conservative David Brooks noting Hillary Clinton quote “answered 
every question very clearly. Fiorina does 
not accept the concept that she should answer these questions,” and “it's not quite clear that reality matters to the electorate right now,” and “That's the ethos of the country right now.”

Eugene Robinson observed “you correctly told her what the facts are. And she simply wouldn't deal with it.” Andrea Mitchell agreed she lied, but also agreed with Brooks, saying Hillary Clinton is “not angry enough,” and “Carly Fiorina is in tune with the mood of the electorate. The electorate, actually, in both political parties.”

So John Boehner is being forced out because he pointlessly shut down the government, but still did not oppose President Obama enough; Muslims can't be in government because of fatwas and gay rights; Hillary Clinton is unpopular because both parties are really angry, and she's not; and Carly Fiorina is in tune with the electorate, because not only will she lie repeatedly, even when caught, she refuses to accept reality at all.

And that's the most ridiculous thing that happened this Sunday.

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