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This Week with George Stephanopoulos – April 6, 2014

This Week with George Stephanopoulos – April 6, 2014
David Kerley
Jon Karl
Clayton Sandell
Rebecca Jarvis
Sen. Claire McCaskill, (D-MO)
Rep. John Carter (R-TX)
Ret. Gen. Peter Chiarelli
Nicholas Schmidle

Raddatz: OMG breaking news
they may have found the missing
plane or maybe not

Sandell: they may have heard
the pings or not

Raddatz: wow

Sandell: basically it's just 
mysterious underwater sounds

Raddatz: like the loch ness
monster or sharknado

Sandell: also it turns out 
they've been looking in the 
wrong place the entire time

Raddatz: in 2014 how can you lose a jetliner

Kerley: we could put GPS 
transmitters in airplanes

Expert: well they're in every car

Nance: that's crazy enough to work

Expert: why not stream black box
data to the cloud – not actual clouds

Nance: that can't be done for 
90,000 flights per day

Kerley: also small countries like
Malaysia aren't up to finding a missing jet

Expert: we need an international
team of experts to find missing jetliners

Kerley: another lesson from this
crash is don't send a text message
to family members that to tell
them their loved one is dead

Raddatz: good advice

[ break ]

Raddatz: now back to the Fort Hood
mass shooting – the latest one that is

Thomas: the shooter was not a terrorist
he had mental health issues

Raddatz: you mean he was a white guy

Thomas: right

Expert: he was frustrated with 
bureaucracy and wanted time off 
and started shooting random people

Reporter: that seems excessive

McHugh: he had depression and anxiety

Thomas: a source told me that
mass shootings shouldn't happen

Raddatz: 130,000 veterans have PTSD

Doctor: but that doesn't lead to violence

Raddatz: yes but they do 
have outbursts of anger

Raddatz: I reported on this back in
2009 and it's still happening

Raddatz: what should the army do?

Carter: the army needs to focus
on taking of people

Chiarelli: vast majority of soldiers
are totally fine

Raddatz: can you have PTSD
without being in combat?

Chiarelli: sure in fact lots of regular 
Americans have PTSD

Raddatz: is the shooter a wounded warrior?

Chiarelli: absolutely

Schmidle: the was are ending but
the effects of the wars are still going on

Raddatz: what do we owe our veterans

Schmidle: we should equip
them at home as well as war

Raddatz: or better

Carter: we have to provide
more resources for veterans

Raddatz: the shooter was
getting treatment

Chiarelli: we don't know much
about post traumatic stress

Raddatz: do you expert more problems

Schmidle: sure but not necessarily violence
just all kinds of problems

Raddatz: good point

[ break ]

Karl: Congress blasted
General Motors this week

McCaskill: it was a corporate 
culture of cover-up

Barra: I didn't even know GM
made cars until this January

Jarvis: this could be criminal

Family member: GM is only 
concerned about money

Karl: do you trust General Motors?

McCaskill: we know they tried to
hide their lethal defective switch

Karl: will anyone go to jail?

McCaskill: if corporations are people
then we should lock up the GM person

Karl: ha

McCaskill: they knew for a year
and still did nothing – it's crazy

Karl: isn't the federal government 
really to blame?

McCaskill: it depends on how
much GM covered up

Karl: I see

McCaskill: at least one engineer
committed perjury

Karl: wow

McCaskill: we need to hear
from CEO Barra again

Karl: will Congress force GM
to compensate the victims

McCaskill: they had better or
Congress will be very mad

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