Sunday, April 20, 2014

This Week with George Stephanopoulos – April 20, 2014

Host: Martha Raddatz
Alex Marquardt
Iona Craig
Dan Harris
Brian Ross
Rep. Mike McCaul (R-TX)
Vice Admiral (Ret.) Robert Harward
Ray Kelly
Cokie Roberts
Ralph Reed
Franklin Graham
Russell Moore - Southern Baptist Convention

Raddatz: Alex what's up with
the violence in Ukraine?

Marquardt: the Easter suspension
of hostilities lasted about 30 seconds

Raddatz: yikes

Marquardt: Putin is outraged that
Ukraine government is fighting
violence in Ukraine

Raddatz: a U.S. drone killed
10 people in Yemen!

Craig: they were members of
al qaeda oh and 3 civilians too

Raddatz: what else?

Craig: there were airstrikes also

Raddatz: was this a reaction to the
video of al-qeada celebrating?

Craig: no one likes to be taunted Martha

Raddatz: what about this Mike?

McCaul: al-qaeda in Yemen is the single
greatest threat to the American homeland

Raddatz: wow

McCaul: Obama is finally going
after terrorists after years of
being weak and doing nothing

Raddatz: what about this video?

Harward: these guys are
brazen or stupid or both

Raddatz: the faces were blurred
what does that tell you?

Harward: that they didn't
want to be identified

Raddatz: well obviously

Raddatz: what's going on in Boston Brian?

Ross: Boston has spent millions
to prevent another bombing
at the marathon

Raddatz: can they?

Ross: no

Raddatz: what are they doing?

Ross: there will be twice
as many cameras

Raddatz: what good will that do?

Ross: maybe they can
spot a bomber beforehand

Raddatz: what do they look for?

Ross: someone who doesn't look right

Ross: there is no known threat

Raddatz: oh that's good

Ross: of course that's what
they said last year

Raddatz: is Boston the safest
place on the planet?

McCaul: they have cameras
and canines

Raddatz: adorable

McCaul: but jihad is always
a threat everywhere

Raddatz: right

McCaul: also we've learned from
all the mistakes we made and
by we I mean Obama

Raddatz: a marathon is 26 miles isn't it?

Kelly: the race goes through
eight towns not just Boston

Raddatz: what worries you most?

Kelly: another marathon bombing

Raddatz: oh my god

Kelly: or alternatively a bombing
someplace else

Raddatz: could we have stopped
the bombing last year?

McCaul: yes Tamerlan showed
signs of radicalization which is a crime

Raddatz: go on

McCaul: he travelled to another
country which is huge warning sign
who does that??

Raddatz: beats me

Harris: omg evangelicals
are now wearing tattoos

Raddatz: neat

Harris: they sing pop music and
avoid talking about gay marriage

Raddtz: you're kidding

Harris: it's a far cry from
Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson

Dowd: they are still powerful
but the country has moved away from them

Harris: young evangelicals 
support gay marriage!

Daly: we can work with gay
people even though they 
are horrible sinners

Raddatz: church attendance
is way down – why?

Graham: god is real!
Jesus died for your sins!

Raddatz: okay okay

Graham: god isn't going
anywhere Martha

Moore: Christianity is now 
authentically strange

Raddatz: um okay

Moore: people think christianity is weird
which makes sense since we believe
a now living but previously dead 
human is ruler of the universe

Raddatz: well when you put it that way

Roberts: americans still believe in god

Raddatz: true

Roberts: this new pope is filling up the seats!

Raddatz: are evangelicals
losing political influence?

Reed: because of the internet if
you buy a christian book we can
send a voter guide telling you
vote to cut benefits for poor people

Moore: we should value life 
and family and freedom

Raddatz: the Pope doesn't hate gay people

Graham: Vlad Putin is right to crack 
down on the wicked gay agenda

Raddatz: I see

Graham: Obama hates America!

Moore: I gotta disagree with you on Putin Frank

Reed: the science is irrefutable
single parents are terrible

Roberts: so their kids should
be in an orphanage?

Reed: the science is not in yet

Roberts: you just said it was

Reed: did I?

Roberts: there are no perfect families

Reed: perhaps not

Roberts: gay people are
normal and loving parents

Graham: I'm sure a gay person
is watching tv right now wondering
'Franklin can I get to heaven'?

Roberts: no doubt

Franklin: All Gays Go to Heaven –
but only if they repent

Roberts: do tell

Graham: I'm no better than a gay person

Roberts: you got that right


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