Sunday, April 13, 2014

Meet The Press – April 13, 2014

Rep. Donna Edwards (D-MD)
Mike Murphy
Kara Swisher
Paul Gigot
Andrea Mitchell
Kathleen Sebelius
Harry Smith
Sen. Ed Markey (D-MA)
Doris Kearns Goodwin
Ed Davis – Fmr. Boston Police Commissioner
Joe Andruzzi – Fmr. N.E. Patriots player
John Tlumacki – photographer
Mike Bosse – Boston EMS
Kent Scarna – First Responder
Sue Schiller – EMS

Gregory: Kathleen Sebelius resigned
did Obamacare win or is the ACA
terrible Mike Murphy?

Murphy: ha ha ha

Gregory: well did it?

Murphy: we shall see

Gregory: the reality is that in this
quantum age the truth is unknowable

Edwards: people like Obamacare!

Gregory: the WSJ says her resigning
is proof Obamacare is a failure

Gigot: yes they're just using Obamacare
success as excuse to cover up its failure

Swisher: Disaster. Debacle.
Disaster. Also, disaster

Gregory: young people hate using
technology that doesn't work immediately
unlike everyone else

Swisher: right

Murphy: people may click on a
button but will they pay the bills?

Edwards: Sebelius served for 5 years!

Gregory: Andrea Mitchell got to
interview Kathleen Sebelius – how did it go?

Mitchell: in retrospect should
you have done the website right

Sebelius: yes that would have been good

Mitchell: aha

Sebelius: but it works now

Mitchell: true but irrelevant

Sebelius: and now people have great choices

Mitchell: you didn't pay enough
attention to the website before the rollout

Sebelius: no shit Andrea

Mitchell: answer the question

Sebelius: the website didn't work – I get it

Mitchell: say it! say it!

Sebelius: okay okay okay
we fucked up!!

Mitchell: did the White House oversell it?

Sebelius: what?

Mitchell: Obamacare

Sebelius: but the ACA works

Mitchell: does it?

Sebelius: sure look at expanded
Medicaid, lower costs, more coverage

Mitchell: what was your low point?

Sebelius: hmmm... I guess I'd 
have to say the time when 

Mitchell: people are asking
were you pushed out of this job?

Sebelius: look a lot of people leave
at the end of a first term but I decided
to leave after the end of open enrollment

Mitchell: if you say so

Sebelius: there's never a
good time to leave this job

Gregory: Ted Cruz said Sebelius' resignation
proves Obamacare is a disaster

Cruz: Obamacare is the worst
law in American history

Brown: I'd rather die than log
on to the Obamacare website

Gregory: the point is it doesn't
matter if Obamacare is good or bad

Gigot: Obamacare has ruined everything

Gregory: right

Gigot: but you have to have an alternative

Gregory: you guys have an alternate plan?

Murphy: we don't need one – 
Obamacare is bad!

Gregory: speaking of elections Obama
talked about LBJ and voting rights

Obama: the Republican party is
trying to stop people from voting!

Gregory: there's not much 
evidence of voter fraud

Edwards: there no evidence of voter fraud

Gregory: how will this play in 2014?

Swisher: this is about how elections
will be done in 15 years

Gregory: what do you mean?

Swisher: we need a bitcoin for voters

Murphy: as long as there's jobs
for useless political consultants

Gregory: if voter ID suppressed
the vote than why did black turnout rise?

Edwards: because of a backlash you idiot

Gregory: what if Social Security
cards had a photo on it

Swisher: what if you could vote
using drones from Amazon?

Murphy: get off my lawn lady

Gregory: Jeb Bush doesn't hate
immigrants as much as most
Republicans do

Murphy: Bush is not a typical politician
he's very authentic

Gregory: [ spit take ]

[ break ]

Gregory: I'm in Boston Harbor
to talk about heroism

Smith: the mood is sacred

Witness: the memories are still fresh

Smith: the city was violated

Smith: the Boston marathon
takes place on Patriot's Day

Smith: the revolution began in 1775
that's before the Declaration!

Smith: the marathon attack was
therefore an attack on all of us
who love freedom and liberty

Gregory: for all the talk of resilience
some wounds don't heal

Goodwin: the worst part is they
struck us on our sacred day

Gregory: yes we covered that

Markey: Doris is right – Patriots Day is
a celebration of freedom and that's
what the terrorists hate about America

Gregory: of course

Markey: they knew what they
were doing but the evoked
the opposite response

Gregory: exactly

Markey: instead we got the sacrifice
and resilience and all that

Gregory: Joe you picked up a bombing victim

Andruzzi: yes

Gregory: did you hear the explosion?

Andruzzi: yes

Gregory: go on

Andruzzi: and then I carried
a victim a block to an ambulance

Gregory: tell me about this photograph

Tlumacki: I was there to take 
pictures of ordinary people 
running the marathon and 
then a bomb went off

Gregory: wow

Tlumacki: it was amazing how 
everyone was immediately being helped

Gregory: what do you think
about when you see this picture

Davis: it shows how police are
ready to help at a moment's notice

Gregory: how did the bombing
change the city?

Bosse: it was an honor
to serve the city

Gregory: what else?

Bosse: I took the attack very personally

Gregory: is it hard to think about it?

Bosse: no

Gregory: Boston will recover but
won't people feel more vulnerable?

Goodwin: maybe but people
won't stay away

Gregory: how did the Red Sox help the city?

EMS worker: when Ortiz said
this is our fucking city he spoke
for the whole fucking city and about
how we're taking it fucking back

Andruzzi: these tragedies and
sports really bring a community together

Gregory: what lessons do
we learn from the bombing?

Davis: the lesson is don't fuck with Boston

Gregory: shutting the whole
city down to look for the bombers
was a big deal

Davis: we thought the city was under
attack by a sophisticated terror cell

Gregory: were mistakes made?

Markey: there were many
great brave heroes that day
but don't forget 9/11

Gregory: we won't

Markey: Boston learned the lessons from 9/11

Gregory: but the US didn't arrest
Tamerlan for being radicalized

Markey: exactly he should have
had red flags on him for being
oriented the wrong way

Schiller: all agencies should 
share information but in 
a free and open society we 
can't stop all terror attacks

Scarna: I'm outraged at the
apologists for terrorists

Gregory: wow

Scarna: I don't care if they had bad
childhoods – people got killed –
we need to stop apologizing for them

Gregory: okay so no more
apologizing for the bombers

Goodwin: we always emerge
stronger from these attacks

Gregory: what will this photograph
mean to you and others?

Tlumacki: it will remind 
people of the bombing

Gregory: good point

Tlumacki: but hopefully I will
replace it with a photograph
of the marathon as a happy occasion

Gregory: well put

[ break ]

Gregory: this is the anniversary of
the assassination of Abraham Lincoln

Burns: yes it's very historic

Gregory: tell me about the Gettysburg address

Burns: to me it is the greatest
speech every made by an American

Gregory: wow

Burns: it was about the Declaration
and a new birth of freedom

Gregory: also it's short

Edwards: it's very inspirational

Murphy: I feel bad for Edward Everett

Burns: it's a tough speech to understand

Gregory: yes it is

Burns: if you go to the website
you can see Bill O'Reilly and
David Gregory recite the address

Audience: omg where do I sign up

Murphy: the Gettysburg battle
was a big fucking deal

Burns: here were over 150,000 casualties

Swisher: what about twitter?

Burns: what if the address were given today?

Gigot: Lincoln would break through
the mindless chatter online and on cable tv

Burns: the Wall Street Journal and
Fox News would say “The big government
freedom-hating President today gave
a failed speech to distract from his
disastrous and divisive war policies”

Gregory: it's funny cause it's true

Panel: LOL

Gregory: and that's another
episode of Meet The Press

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