Sunday, July 10, 2011

This Week with Christiane Amanpour - July 10, 2011

Bill Daley (White House Chief of Staff)
Jonathan Karl
Donna Brazile
Al Hunt
George Will
Amanpour: omg America might default
on its debt

Karl: Boehner wants to cut spending
and Democrats want to raise taxes

Daley: it’s time to make the really tough
decisions and bring sanity to Washington DC

Amanpour: good luck with that

Daley: the American people are very
worried about the debt

Amanpour: what is Obama’s prediction?

Daley: Pain

Amanpour: ouch

Daley: sorry

Amanpour: Obama wants to cut $4 trillion

Daley: that will send a message to the
world to please lend us more money

Amanpour: oh good

Daley: Obama came to Washington to
do big things like pay the bills Republicans
built up over 8 years

Amanpour: but he came late to the negotiations

Daley: he was waiting for the GOP to
come to their senses

Amanpour: well that explains it

Amanpour: will you make any cuts to
Social Security or Medicare?

Daley: Medicare will run out of money in 5 years!

Amanpour: oh noe

Daley: people want certainty

Amanpour: does that mean you will
cut entitlements?

Daley: yes - because we can’t kick the can anymore!

Amanpour: what else?

Daley: extend the payroll tax cut

Amanpour: ok

Daley: this debt was run up over decades
so we must solve it in the next 8 hours

Amanpour: what’s the rush?

Daley: we must send the message to
international bankers that America is not dead yet!

Amanpour: the jobs news is all bad

Daley: companies are not hiring because Congress
keeps kicking the can on debt

Amanpour: you’re kidding me right

Daley: A business may need a new
employee but how can it hire knowing
Medicare needs more funding?!

Amanpour: but businesses are making
huge profits right now

Daley: we need businesses to get
more involved in Washington policy making

Amanpour: truly our problem is lack of
corporate lobbying

Daley: when Bush left office we were
losing 800,000 jobs per month

Amanpour: but that was 2 years ago

Daley: We have to cut the debt!

Amanpour: what’s the deal with Pakistan

Daley: ever since we found out Osama bin Laden
lived comfortably near a Pakistan
military base we’ve be re-thinking giving
them bags and bags of money

Amanpour: thanks for coming

[ break ]

Amanpour: welcome to Armageddon!

Will: Nuclear winter, global warming, default
- who gives a shit

Karl: any impartial observer knows that
we must raise taxes and cut entitlements

Brazile: the debt ceiling is not the
time to have a big budget debate -
Moody’s is getting moody!!

Hunt: eventually they will have to
raise taxes and cut entitlements

Amanpour: why is that?

Hunt: why do people rob banks?

Amanpour: because that’s where the money is

Amanpour: why do banks rob people?

Hunt: because that’s where the real big money is

Karl: there are dozens of lunatic Republicans
so therefore the Democrats must give up
everything what they want

Will: Reagan and Bush gave Obama a
surplus and he blew it

Karl: Eric Cantor will veto any deal that makes sense

Amanpour: the American people seem to want
jobs more than debt reduction

Hunt: ya gotta have Entitlements & Taxes!

Amanpour: but that would worsen the recession

Hunt: we should do responsible
things but do them later

Will: Obama should add 700,000
jobs per month like Bush did

Brazile: state governments keep laying
people off you skinny white twerp!

Will: Obama proposed a tax cut - I hate those!

Amanpour: thanks for coming everyone

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