Sunday, July 10, 2011

Meet The Press - July 10, 2011

Tim Geithner (Sec. of Treasury)
Fmr. Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R-Minn.)
Chuck Todd
Eugene Robinson
Gregory: John Boehner has given up on
a deal to raise the debt ceiling because
the GOP won’t raise any taxes

Geithner: this is a great moment for America

Gregory: it is?

Geithner: you betcha

Gregory: how can you still make a deal?

Geithner: we can agree to cut defense
and Medicare

Gregory: I like it

Geithner: Republicans should not walk
away from these promising discussions
to cut entitlements in exchange for
letting tax cuts expire

Gregory: what is Obama’s position?

Geithner: he’s willing to compromise

Gregory: Is a Grand Bargain is still possible?

Geithner: It sure is Fluffy

Gregory: would you give in on raising
taxes on rich people like me

Gregory: if we don’t raise taxes we would
have to slash programs for the most
vulnerable people in society

Gregory: Is the President willing to
cut Medicare please

Geithner: oh sure why not

Gregory: like how

Geithner: we would if we don’t add
burdens to the poor and middle class

Gregory: I’m middle class so that’s good

Geithner: Shared sacrifice would also apply to you

Gregory: oh noe

Geithner: Obama is working for the
largest possible deal

Gregory: who really cares about
raising the debt ceiling?

Geithner: By August we won’t be able
to borrow so we will have to pay our bills
with any cash lying under the White House cushions

Gregory: would that affect our credit rating

Geithner: last week I ordered a free copy
of our credit report and it looked really bad

Gregory: what’s our FICO score?

Geithner: If Congress doesn’t act poor
people will run out of food

Gregory: Look at this chart -
Obama crashed the economy

Geithner: that’s ridiculous Fluffers

Gregory: so you say

Geithner: the Great Recession was
worse than the Great Depression and
we’ve added 2 million jobs

Gregory: maybe but things are still bad

Geithner: yeah but Japan had an earthquake

Gregory: well natural disasters are
going to happen Tim

Geithner: tectonic shifts conspire against us

Gregory: Obama said the economy is
much worse than we thought

Geithner: the damm American people
lived beyond their means for years -
well the party is over

Gregory: you did stimulus, health care reform,
housing - where are the jobs?

Geithner: Fluffy the GOP drove the economy
off a cliff and Obama has put us back on
the edge of that cliff

Gregory: when do we back off the cliff
and live the high life again

Geithner: oh it will be painful for many
more years to come

Gregory: well thanks for coming Tim

[ break ]

Gregory: would you raise the debt ceiling

Pawlenty: Obama ruined America’s economy

Gregory: how so

Pawlenty: he should get government
off the backs of our job creators

Gregory: is that what caused the recession

Pawlenty: Obama caused the recession
with his stimulus

Gregory: I see

Pawlenty: he is suffocating America’s
entrepreneurial spirit

Gregory: speaking of which your
startup campaign sucks

Pawlenty: when people learn I cut
taxes they will flock to my campaign

Gregory: you’re behind Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich

Pawlenty: when people finally get
to know me I will get to 5%

Gregory: you’ve been Iowa 75 times!

Pawlenty: I plan to meet every person
who lives in that state

Gregory: are you too dull and boring to be President

Pawlenty: I got fortitude - I vetoed lots of bills
and shut down the government I’m such an asshole

Gregory: you think that’s what
the American people want?

Pawlenty: America is sinking and now
is the time for Republicans to stand up
and fight for the policies that caused the recession!

Gregory: will you please bash Mitt Romney?

Pawlenty: fuck that foppish flip-flopping Mormon

Gregory: what makes you stand out

Pawlenty: I’m a true leader Fluffy

Gregory: how would you break
from the Republican party?

Pawlenty: I support the minimum wage

Gregory: Michele Bachmann is beating you

Pawlenty: see I’m different from her -
we’re both conservatives but I’m a former Governor
and she’s completely insane

Gregory: she said America has a gangster government

Pawlenty: well she’s right about that

Gregory: it seems inappropriate

Pawlenty: Obama’s elitist thugs are out of control!

Gregory: how would solve the debt ceiling problem?

Pawlenty: Obama tripled the deficit!

Gregory: so what’s your solution

Pawlenty: a Balanced Budget Amendment

Gregory: David Brooks says the GOP
has become a bunch of dangerous weird fanatics

Pawlenty: absurd - we are not 'weird'

Gregory: if you say so

Pawlenty: this country is sinking under terrible debts

Gregory: Obama offered $4 trillion in cuts
and you said no new taxes

Pawlenty: look any fair-minded person
knows state senator Obama caused a
recession in 2007

Gregory: so no new taxes?

Pawlenty: never ever not ever

Gregory: even if it would ruin America’s
credit rating?

Pawlenty: absolutely if Obama cares
about the debt well then he can just
give Republicans everything they want

Gregory: what abut Paul Ryan’s plan?

Pawlenty: I love it

Gregory: would you send ground
troops to Libya?

Pawlenty: I would not support that
but Obama has been very weak
in not going after Qaddafi

Gregory: you really think so

Pawlenty: Saint Reagan said Qaddafi has
American blood on his hands

Gregory: well if getting him is so important
why not send in ground troops?

Pawlenty: just lob a cruise missile at the fucker

Gregory: you love Lady Gaga -
do you think being gay is a choice?

Pawlenty: I hate gay people but
Lady Gaga is straight you know

Gregory: but do you think being gay is a choice?

Pawlenty: probably people wake up one day
and say ‘hey I think I’ll be gay’

Gregory: that’s stupid

Pawlenty: the scientists say it’s not genetic
- it may be behavioral

Gregory: I look forward to your concession
party next month

[ break ]

Gregory: you just saw Tim Pawlenty -
is his campaign over?

Todd: his chief rival is from Minnesota
but more charismatic

Gregory: well that’s not saying much

Todd: true

Gregory: Pawlenty said Bachmann has
never accomplished anything

Robinson: Bring it on Tim!

Gregory: Pawlenty also said America we
should default on the debt

Todd: the GOP presidential primary is
preventing a deal in Washington

Robinson: that’s not good

Gregory: what about Sarah Palin?

Todd: she’s crazy

Gregory: but fun

Robinson: if she were running for President
she’d be running for President

Todd: she’s the next Rush Limbaugh

Robinson: like we needed another one

Gregory: what should Obama say to
the Republicans at the White House today?

Robinson: he should aim high because
he can always say he tried to get a big deal done

Gregory: Obama gave in on Medicare
and still didn’t get a deal!

Todd: Boehner floated that deal and
got shot down by the loons in his own party

Gregory: that’s amazing

Robinson: Boehner and Cantor are
going to appear on The Marriage Ref

Todd: Does Obama really want a
deal or was all this strategic political theater?

Gregory: what the deal with Pawlenty’s
answer on whether being gay is a choice?

Todd: he’s got weird ideas and doesn’t
explain them well - so don’t count him out
for the GOP nomination!

Gregory: Geithner said if our credit
is downgraded it would catastrophic

Robinson: but it’s worth if we keep
tax cuts for the rich

Todd: Obama says people should
rent month to month what with the
Mayan apocalypse coming

Gregory: it’s going to be a fun campaign



ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

It's a shame Geithner is still part of the Administration. He's as much of sh!t as Peter Orszag.

Charlotte Garcia said...

Mr. Pawlenty commented that there isn't scientific proof establishing the origin of one's homosexuality. Therefore, he takes the position that the GLBT community should not have the same rights as the straight community. Does he know that it has been very difficult over the years for scientists to obtain funding for such research, usually done at universities? Historically this is due to the bigotry against the GLBT population. If Mr. Pawlenty does know this, what a sleazy way to make his argument appear plausible.