Sunday, July 18, 2010

Meet The Press - July 18, 2010

July 18, 2010
Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ)
Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX)
Rep. Chris Van Hollen (D-MD)
Rep. Sessions

Gregory: Will Republicans win in the fall?

Cornyn: yes because Obama is socialist and
the economy sucks

Gregory: True but the GOP did crash the economy

Cornyn: no Nancy Pelosi wrecked America beginning in 2007

Menendez: that’s fucking hilarious

Van Hollen: I can’t wait the GOP to run on repealing health care and financial regulation

Cornyn: they forced this black President and his socialist ideas down our throats

Gregory: OMG Robert Gibbs said the Democrats could lose the House - this will have a great impact on all the races!

Van Hollen: do you really think that anyone outside the Beltway noticed what he said

Gregory: oh yes!

Van Hollen: I heard you were a moron

Gregory: but House Dems are mad at Obama

Van Hollen: The GOP has decided to carp and
whine like little babies until the fall

Gregory: Remember how awesome Newt Gingrich and the Contract with America was? That was
so awesome

Cornyn: Obama never sought Republican support

Menendez: you’ve got to be fucking kidding

Cornyn: Obama is a job-killer!

Menendez: almost like Bush!

Cornyn: unemployed people are very concerned about the debt

Gregory: polls say Obama hasn’t created enough jobs to recover from the Bush recession

Menendez: we are still trying to fix the epic
disaster that was the Bush Presidency

Gregory: But Obama has lost white men - who are very practical and only care about things like whether Obama can fix oil spills by himself

Van Hollen: we lost jobs for 8 fucking years -
why would these so-called practical voters want to
go back to that?

Sessions: that’s not true - some people had jobs
in the Bush years but everyone in America is now unemployed

Gregory: fascinating

Sessions: we must cut taxes and repeal health
care which will bankrupt America

Gregory: what is your basic message?

Sessions: cut taxes, cut spending and run against the Black Panthers

Van Hollen: holy shit they really want to go back
to the Bush years - except they also want to apologize to BP

Gregory: wasn’t spending out of control when Bush was President?

Cornyn: no because debt is very high now

Gregory: Bush ran up that debt

Cornyn: yes but Obama is almost as bad as Bush which is very bad

Gregory: but if we return to Bush policies it
will get worse

Cornyn: yes but Obama is a black Kenyan Socialist

Menendez: Go ahead America - vote Republican -
I dare you

Gregory: Because I worship Politico and hate Obama so I have to ask - why is Obama so bad?

Van Hollen: Hey Fluffy - the Republicans won’t even cut taxes for the middle class

Gregory: oh

Van Hollen: is they are so fucking concerned for the debt why don’t they repeal the Bush tax cuts??

Menendez: I am so tired of these Republican assholes and their fucking hypocrisy and lies

Gregory: what does the Republican party stand for?

Sessions: we need to live within our means - now that we are in a recession we must slash spending

Gregory: what will you cut?

Sessions: we will balance the budget

Gregory: how?

Sessions: by cutting a lot

Gregory: cut what?

Sessions: empower people and business

Gregory: what the fuck are you planning on doing??

Cornyn: we’re waiting for the Obama’s blue ribbon commission

Gregory: why do you need Obama’s permission to decide what your plan is?

Cornyn: he’s a scary black man

Gregory: will you repeal health care reform?

Cornyn: yes we will replace it with common sense

Gregory: how about repealing financial regulation?

Cornyn: we will replace ideology will common sense

Gregory: truly you have series of unassailably brilliant ideas

Menendez: jeebus these people are idiots

Van Hollen: 8 years of GOP policies and we lost jobs - good luck with that fuckers

Gregory: but some people do prefer Republicans

Van Hollen: sure people who want to do away
with Social Security

Gregory: Is the Tea Party a bunch of dangerous racists?

Cornyn: tha’s slanderous - the Teabaggers are former couch-bound patriotic wackos who want
their country back

Gregory: I see

Cornyn: they are unemployed weirdos worried
about runaway spending - look at the trouble
Harry Reid is in

Gregory: he was in trouble until people learned Sharron Angle supports an armed rebellion

Session: the Tea Partiers are actually Democrats who are against debt and in favor of lower taxes
on the rich

Van Hollen: the good news is they are energized - the bad news is the Tea Parties want to repeal the Civil Rights Act and force people to bring a
chicken to the doctor

Gregory: who wins in the fall?

Cornyn: I dunno

Menendez: Dems big time

Sessions: maybe GOP

Van Hollen: heh - I will put it out there Democrats
all the way