Sunday, December 13, 2009

This Week With George Stephanopoulos - December 13, 2009

Larry Summers
Rep. Eric Cantor
John Podesta
Ed Gillespie
Arianna Huffington
April Ryan
Stephanopoulos: Larry the economy is total disaster and John McCain’s economist says you’re a loser

Summers: look we prevented a Depression and
you know these things happen in stages, first you have a New Deal then another Depression and then a World War

Stephanopoulos: Is Obama working hard on
making all that happen?

Summers: yes he is

Stephanopoulos: so when does the U.S. economy go from being Fucked Up to merely Pretty Shitty?

Summers: we see Quite Crappy spring followed
by a Sucky Summer

Stephanopoulos: are we going to have a second stimulus?

Summers: don’t focus so much on how much
we spend George the best things in life a free - like strongly worded letters sent to banks telling them
to lend

Stephanopoulos: but you’re spending so much money boosting the economy just because we
are in an economic crisis!

Summers: you know nothing about math George - it’s like talking a woman!

Stephanopoulos: oooh

Summers: we’re spending on infrastructure and health care

Stephanopoulos: speaking of that how can the President possibly sign a bill that spends money
to save people’s lives - I mean it’s shocking

Summers: that’s true but we are going to tell
people get preventive health care which is very conservative

Stephanopoulos: but the debt!

Summers: we will reduce the deficit by taxing Cadillacs

Stephanopoulos: I don’t care about that - I just
want you to say you will cut the debt, deficit, health care costs and make me taller

Summers: Done done and done

Stephanopoulos: will you make banks lend or not?

Summers: the American people bailed out the
big banks and Obama is going to have a serious
talk with them and tell them to please pull their heads out of their fucking asses

Stephanopoulos: how about that Eric?

Cantor: the real problem is that there is too much regulation of banks - who get then mad and refuse
to lend money to small businesses

Stephanopoulos: Obama says the GOP is captured by financial lobbyists

Cantor: we couldn’t support the financial reform bill because it had no bipartisan support

Stephanopoulos: um what

Cantor: Washington activism scare investors so they just put all their money under the mattress

Stephanopoulos: because you always say no to whatever Obama does - does that mean he gets the credit when it turns around like it always does when Dems are in charge?

Cantor: no because Obama is a big spending wacko

Stephanopoulos: you mean like Reagan, Bush I
and Bush II

Cantor: right crazy liberals like them


Stephanopoulos: George why does the economy suck?

Will: because businesses can never know if government will change the rules so they won’t
lend money

Stephanopoulos: but government can always
change laws

Will: not if businesses control government
like they should

Podesta: Obama should urge bankers
to lend money?

Huffington: fuck that shit - take away their toys
and they will start fucking lending

Stephanopoulos: Summers says the economy is turning around because he has a nice car

Huffington: fuck that sexist dipshit

Ryan: black teens are unemployed - if only we
had a black president

Stephanopoulos: the deficit!

Gillespie: people refuse to invest because they
need certainty

Stephanopoulos: what does that mean ‘certainty’ ?

Gillespie: just let businesses write all the rules

Huffington: oh fuck you all - Larry Summers is
a lazy fat fuck

Will: the American people understand that the only way to create jobs is low taxes and no rules

Podesta: good god - we put the GOP charge we
had a fucking Depression

Gillespie: [smirking ]
no the Bush economy was a great success

Podesta: [ smacks forehead ]


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