Sunday, January 18, 2015

This Week with George Stephanopoulos – January 18, 2015

Host: Martha Raddatz

Alex Marquardt

Pierre Thomas

Jon Karl

Rob Wainwright – Europol

Adm. Robert Harward

Gen. James Cartwright (Ret.)

Gen. Carter Ham (Ret.)

Gen. Keith Alexander – fmr. NSA director

John Cohen – fmr. DHS

Farah Pandith – U.S. State Dept.

Mike Huckabee – fmr. Gov. of Arkansas

Raddatz: OMG it's a terror outbreak!

Marquardt: I'm in Brussels

and the terror is sprouting!

Raddatz: oh my

Marquardt: in Britain there 
could be attack at any moment!

Marquardt: there are soldiers with 
guns patrolling the streets of Europe!

Raddatz: that can't end well

Marquardt: Belgium breeds terrorists!

Raddatz: are they waffling on terror

Marquardt: terrorists may

attack police or synagogues

Raddatz: scary

Marquardt: police say another 
attack is inevitable

Raddatz: nice seeing you again Alex

[ break ]

Raddatz: Rob what the hell

is going on in Europe

Wainwright: young men get

radicalized on the internet

Raddatz: can't they just like write

insane comments on Yahoo like

all the other crazy people?

Wainwright: the terrorists have 
a lot of weapons but they are 
completely disorganized

Raddatz: just like the Cleveland Cavaliers

Wainwright: we all yearn for

the good old days after 9/11

Raddatz: this is worse than

post 9/11 isn't it?

Wainwright: yes but we are going

to crack down and finally defeat

these wily terrorists

Raddatz: how are you going to do that?

Wainwright: we're going start

following them on twitter

Raddatz: what is a sleeper cell and

how is it different from Motel 6

Wainwright: they're like that creature

in a monster movie you find buried and

everyone thinks is dormant so they wake

it up and it eats everyone

Raddatz: ah like Mitt Romney

[ break ]

Raddatz: ok audience let's take

the highway to the danger zone

Audience: wheeee

Raddatz: what's the deal with Yemen?

Harward: it's where all the best

terrorists live now – it's got low taxes,

a nice climate and some of the

best schools in bomb-making

Raddatz: how much of Yemen is ungoverned?

Harward: it's land of remorseless

sociopaths where no law applies

Raddatz: so like a hedge fund

Harward: exactly

Raddatz: how do we catch 
the terrorist's girlfriend?

Cartwright: we're not going to find

her just flying a drone around the middle east

Raddatz: ISIS seems to be in control of Syria

Cartwright: they're following the rivers

Raddatz: America is going to start

training moderate rebels but that

could take a long time

Cartwright: yes but they could provide

us with a complete technical readout

of the ISIS headquarters

Raddatz: you could find a 
weakness and exploit it

Raddatz: General what's up with Boko Haram?

Ham: they're pretty violent

Raddatz: will they attack us in the west?

Ham: it's a great danger that 
boko haram will attack Europe 
and then small towns in America

Raddatz: aaaack!

Raddatz: General how did ISIS hack

the CIA's twitter account?

Alexander: they guessed the CIA's password

was “waterboardingisnottorture123”

Raddatz: I'm really scared

Alexander: the Sony hack proves

we're totally vulnerable to a cyberattack

Raddatz: this is clearly a dire threat

Alexander: darn right Martha

Raddatz: when we come back –

are there sleeper cells in American

and how scared should we be?!?

[ break ]

Raddatz: the threat is real!

Thomas: the threat is real!

Raddatz: I just said that!

Thomas: the terrorists were caught

going into Home Depot two years ago!

Raddatz: oh wow what happened?

Thomas: no one knows – they've

been wandering around looking

for assistance all this time

Thomas: there may be lots of

terrorists in America right now!

Raddatz: eeek

Thomas: just last year ten

Americans tried to join ISIS!

Raddatz: this is the scariest thing ever

Thomas: it's a tense moment Martha

[ break ]

Raddatz: how many sleeper cells

are in the US and how do you find them?

Cohen: the real danger is the 
one you don't see

Raddatz: that's very profound

Cohen: thanks

Raddatz: is the FBI working

with local cops?

Cohen: they're trying but

they don't like each other

Raddatz: a woman died in the DC subway!

Thomas: it's huge!

Raddatz: OMG

Thomas: the good news is

the FBI is on the Interneveryoneet now

Raddatz: oh well problem solved

[ break ]

Raddatz: omg there are 1.6 billion

Muslims and I am terrified

Pandith: ideas don't have borders

and the kids are on the Internet now

Raddatz: I'm plotzing!

Pandith: we must do more

than kill terrorists - we have

to stop their ideology

Raddatz: sell the kids on a better

product than killing innocent

people and suicide bombs

Pandith: whether or not to become

a suicide bomber is one of the most

important decisions a teenager can make

Raddatz: that's true

Pandith: indeed

Raddatz: thanks for coming

[ break ]

Karl: omg Mike Huckabee

won Iowa seven years ago

Huckabee: god demanded I

quit my tv show on Fox

Karl: conservatives are suspicious

because but raised taxes but on the

plus side he attacked Beyonce

Karl: he says the Obamas are bad

parents for letting their kids listen

to that black music

Raddatz: are you running?

Huckabee: of course otherwise why

else would I quit a high paying job on Fox

Raddatz: what will you differently this time?

Huckabee: shake down more billionaires

Raddatz: Romney is going to run and he's rich

Huckabee: yes but on any

given day Romney can say

something really stupid

Raddatz: what about Jeb Bush?

Huckabee: I like Jeb but the country

needs a leader like me who will stop

borrowing money and bomb more places

Raddatz: you said Michelle Obama 
is bad mother because her kids 
listen to Beyonce

Huckabee: why does she force her

children to listen to that evil music?

Raddatz: who should they listen to?

Huckabee: someone wholesome
like Ted Nugent

Raddatz: he called President Obama 
a subhuman mongrel

Huckabee: he meant it in a nice way

Raddatz: can you really call the Obamas

bad parents when your son tortured a

dog to death and you covered it up

Huckabee: that dog had it coming

its was another mongrel

Raddatz: I see

Huckabee: I'm running against Hollywood

which is making us go see all these immoral

movies with women having jobs and stuff

Raddatz: you say you can't run against

women because they have a special treasure

Huckabee: that's right – they're delicate hothouse flowers

Raddatz: you treat women differently from men?

Huckabee: not if they're from New York

those broads can take it!

Raddatz: you've given this a lot of thought


Raddatz: ok ok we get it

Huckabee: God demands it darlin'

Raddatz: thanks for coming