Sunday, November 17, 2013

This Week with George Stephanopoulos – November 17, 2013

Host: Martha Raddatz
Jon Karl
Rebecca Jarvis
Matthew Dowd
David Plouffe
Sen. Kristen Gillibrand (D-NY)
Adam Kinzinger (R-IL)
Gwen Ifill
Howard Dean
Bret Stephens

Raddatz: OMG Obama's Presidency is in crisis!

Karl: Obamacare's flaws may threaten
his Presidency

Obama: we fumbled the rollout

Karl: the website doesn't work and
people are getting plan cancellations

Raddatz: oh my

Karl: not as many people trust Obama
and this may be Obama's Katrina from
which Bush never recovered

Raddatz: Obama's Katrina!

Karl: Democrats are bailing on Obamacare

Raddatz: will anyone be fired?

Karl: that's not going to fix anything

Raddatz: but he has to fire someone!

Dowd: Presidents need to show
accountability like when Bush fired Rumsfeld

Raddatz: but that took years

Plouffe: the website is going to be fixed –
but they need to regain people's trust

Raddatz: how?

Karl: get the health insurance CEOs on board

Jarvis: young healthy people aren't
rushing to buy health insurance

Raddatz: Matt you're a Republican –
bash Obama for me

Dowd: Obama can't pass any laws from now on?

Raddatz: is just like Katrina?

Dowd: no one has died but it's eerily similar

Plouffe: But Bush lost trust because he
lied to get us into a war and then 
screwed that up too

Dowd: oh right that happened

Raddatz: can he regain the trust
of the American people?

Karl: it's possible

Raddatz: can he regain trust?

Gillibrand: of course – people don't want
to lose insurance because of
a preexisting condition

Raddatz: but the trust has been shattered!

Gillibrand: oh come on Martha

Raddatz: but Obama misled everyone!

Gillibrand: the whole point is to provide
people with adequate useful health insurance

Raddatz: but Obama fell on his sword
but has missed that sword a couple of times

Gillibrand: what the hell are you talking about

Raddatz: the leadership!

Gillibrand: Obama's legacy is going to be
providing millions of Americans with health care

Raddatz: but 39 Democrats defected!

Gillibrand: they're just responding to
the needs of their constituents

Raddatz: exactly!

Gillibrand: people are worried about their
family's health coverage and that
makes sense – but the law helps people

Raddatz: are you planning running
for President in 2016?

Gillibrand: no I'm endorsing Hillary Clinton –
she's got the gravitas and she's rested and ready

Raddatz: you are pushing to reform
sex assault prosecution in the military

Gillibrand: we're getting the votes –
we need to protect soldiers giving
their lives for our country

Raddatz: would you leave murder and
theft in the chain of command?

Gillibrand: no – we have 26,000 assaults

Raddatz: but you don't have the data

Gillibrand: yes we do – this comes
from the Department of Defense

Raddatz: but but

Gillibrand: if you are raped you are
likely to be retaliated against

Raddatz: John McCain says you don't
have military experience to oversee the military

Gillibrand: I like John but this is my job and
I'm sorry but the military has allowed sex
assaults to occur for too long

Raddatz: what is the President's position?

Gillibrand: we have lots of Generals supporting us

Raddatz: lots don't

Gillibrand: they're serving now – of course
they support the chain of command

Raddatz: I see

Gillibrand: and one three-star general!

Raddatz: thanks for coming

Raddatz: OMG SNL made fun of
President Obama – that is the best
thing I have ever seen!!

Ifill: Obama came out this week saying
he fumbled – they've hit bottom

Raddatz: happy 65th birthday Howard Dean

Dean: I signed up for Medicare in 10 minutes
we need a public option!

Raddatz: but is the rest of his term is destroyed?

Stephens: this is the great political
disaster in decades

Raddatz: I love it!

Stephens: this will crush jobs

Kinzinger: the website will be fixed –
but Obama is raising taxes and
secretly wants socialism

Raddatz: aren't Republicans doing really well?

Kinzinger: yes

Ifill: Obama's doesn't want single-payer

Kinzinger: that's the goal of the Democrat party

Raddatz: no one trusts Obama!

Stephens: Obama is incompetent –
he wiretapped Germany, let Ed Snowden
steal secrets and let Syria give up
chemical weapons without firing a shot

Raddatz: someone had to say it

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