Sunday, November 10, 2013

This Week with George Stephanopoulos – November 10, 2013

Gov. Chris Christie (R-NJ)
Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX)
Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ)
Terry Moran
Jeff Zeleny
Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN)
Paul Gigot
Cokie Roberts
Ana Navarro
John Heileman

Stephanopoulos: OMG John Kerry left
Geneva without a deal and the biggest
storm in history hit the Philippines

Reporter: we're hearing from social 
media that's it really bad

Stephanopoulos: can Kerry make a
nuclear deal with Iran?

Moran: there was a giddiness and
then the French screwed everything up

Stephanopoulos: you're joking

Moran: the French of all people said
the deal wasn't tough enough

Stephanopoulos: criminy

Moran: the Ayatollah went on twitter was all dude where's our deal #cheeseeatingsurrendermonkeys

Stephanopoulos: Chris Christie what
would you do about Iran?

Christie: how the hell should I know?

Stephanopoulos: but would you allow
them to enrich uranium?

Christie: I dunno – is it delicious?

Stephanopoulos: can you win in Iowa?

Christie: I won in fucking Jersey!

Stephanopoulos: yes I know

Christie: I won blacks, hispanics and moderates because we cracked down on teachers – everyone hates those apple-polishing chalk eaters

Stephanopoulos: will you run in 2016?

Christie: probably but who knows

Stephanopoulos: should undocumented immigrants get state tuition?

Christie: in the states we are practical
problem solvers and in DC that never happens

Stephanopoulos: what about a path to citizenship?

Christie: I don't care – I just know those
clowns in Washington don't get things done

Stephanopoulos: but should immigrants
get a path to citizenship?

Christie: I don't give a shit George

Stephanopoulos: but you must have an opinion

Christie: I have opinions on lots
of things but I don't share them

Stephanopoulos: you shared your 
opinion on Obamacare

Christie: I tell you hard truths all the 
time about everything

Stephanopoulos: so you say

Christie: health care is just too big
for the government to handle – it should stick
to little things like wars and disasters

Stephanopoulos: you took Medicaid money

Christie: because it was free cash –
you're damn right I took it

Stephanopoulos: bold move

Christie: I won 61% of the vote you little twerp

Stephanopoulos: Romney's people say
you have bad secrets

Christie: yeah I don't take advice from the
fucking losers who ran the Romney campaign

Stephanopoulos: oooh snap

Stephanopoulos: Time magazine called
you fat on their cover

Christie: it's a compliment to the wisdom
of the people of New Jersey that their
Governor is on the cover of Time

Stephanopoulos: indeed

Christie: I went to a black church –
how many Republicans even do that?

Stephanopoulos: not many

Christie: damn fucking right 

[ break ]

Stephanopoulos: Greeting Bob – what about Iran?

Menendez: we need to get tough on Iran

Stephanopoulos: do they have a
right to enrichment?

Menendez: even Canada doesn't enrich –
and they gave us Ted Cruz!

Stephanopoulos: good point

Menendez: we have to be careful with Iran

Stephanopoulos: what about new sanctions?

Menendez: I might be willing to
wait a week if Kerry asks nicely

Stephanopoulos: why the urgency?

Menendez: look we're playing good cop / bad cop

Stephanopoulos: who's the good cop?

Menendez: John Kerry

Stephanopoulos: who's the bad cop?

Menendez: John McCain

Stephanopoulos: I love it

[ break ]

Zeleny: is Chris Christie a real conservative?

Perry: No

Zeleny: you're skeptical

Perry: darn tootin'

Zeleny: is the tea party full of idiots?

Perry: we lost in 2008 and 2012 –
we're doin' somethin' wrong

Zeleny: Ted Cruz wrecked the government

Perry: he's a fun guy but kind of stupid

Stephanopoulos: the President apologized
for Obamacare

Perry: Obama has to admit he's a
fraud and a liar and I forget the third thing

Zeleny: are you running for President ?

Perry: you betcha

Zeleny: can you recover from your foibles?

Perry: we've had dumber Presidents

Zeleny: true

[ break ]

Stephanopoulos: It's clear Chris Christie
is running as a moderate

Gigot: he should run as a strong
conservative and an outsider

Roberts: he's a governor and a pragmatist
and a 'get things done' kind of guy

Navarro: he should not run as a
Republican but as a Christie

Stephanopoulos: nice

Navarro: if he could just win a few more
black and hispanic voters than Romney
we'd be in the White House

Ellison: he took relief money when
offered which I guess makes you a liberal

Stephanopoulos: are their skeletons in his closet?

Heileman: he was a lobbyist with Bernie Madoff

Navarro: these are all lies and Christie
is a saint who never yells at anyone

Stephanopoulos: so true

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