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Meet The Press – November 17, 2013

Minority Leader Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)
Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-NH)
Ezra Klein
Dan Henninger
Mike Murphy
Kathleen Parker
Tom Brokaw
Chris Matthews

Gregory: OMG the Republican House
passed a bill to change Obamacare!

Gregory: are Democrats fleeing Obamacare?

Pelosi: no

Gregory: but Democrats are frustrated
Pelosi: some of them

Gregory: aren't Democrats losing confidence 
in Obama?

Pelosi: no

Gregory: but

Pelosi: calm down Fluffy

Gregory: but Obamacare

Pelosi: I call it the ACA because I got it through

Gregory: okay Nancy

Pelosi: the law does not require these
cancellations – the laws says if you had a
plan before the law was enacted you
could keep it and that's still true

Gregory: would you or other Democrats
actually campaign on Obamacare?

Pelosi: the ACA

Gregory: whatever

Pelosi: it's working in Kentucky – it saves lives

Gregory: but people are mad

Pelosi: so the President is going to let
people stay on their crappy plans but the
insurer must inform people that they
have better options

Gregory: but one million cancellation
notices have gone out in California

Pelosi: and they will get second 
letter correcting that

Gregory: did you lie to people in 2010

Pelosi: no

Gregory: but if your plan doesn't meet
government standards then you can't keep it

Pelosi: you can if it pre-dates the law

Gregory: Obama apologized – why don't you?

Pelosi: that's neither here nor there

Gregory: this was a forseeable problem

Pelosi: insurers must tell people they
have better choices

Gregory: in 2010 you said this would
be awesome and it's not awesome

Pelosi: I stand by what I said

Gregory: okay

Pelosi: we passed this law and it got
past court challenges and we're going
to keep fighting for this law

Gregory: do you still consider this law a success?

Pelosi: it will be

Gregory: what is success?

Pelosi: if people can sign up

Gregory: why aren't you more
concerned that this is a disaster?

Pelosi: you can't be knocked for a
loop over a little setback

Gregory: will Democrats lose seats
over Obamacare?

Pelosi: remember the government shutdown?
That was bad!

Gregory: yes I recall that

Pelosi: also in 2014 we will fight over jobs,
gay rights and immigration reform

[ break ]

Gregory: welcome Kelly Ayotte -
you hate the ACA

Ayotte: my constituents are telling me
they have less choice – there's only
one insurer in New Hampshire

Gregory: is your goal to repeal
the ACA altogether?

Ayotte: no Republicans voted for the ACA
so it must be bad

Gregory: are you open to fixing the law
and how would you provide insurance for
40 uninsured million Americans?

Ayotte: the first rule in politics is
First, Do No Harm the Upper Middle Class

Gregory: I knew that

Ayotte: all we have to do is allow
people buy insurance across state lines

Gregory: what else?

Ayotte: we have lots of good ideas

Gregory: like what?

Ayotte: lots of them

Gregory: what are they?

Ayotte: repeal Obamacare

Gregory: what else?

Ayotte: we have many ideas

Gregory: thanks for coming Kelly

Gregory: is Obamacare done for?

Klein: it's not now – but they have time to get
the website working and get people signed up

Gregory: okay

Klein: after all the Medicare D rollout was a disaster

Henninger: this is really complicated and
there's no way to fix it in two weeks

Gregory: wow

Henninger: they may lose an entire
generation of young people who
will grow up hating the government

Gregory: won't insurers just raise premiums?

Klein: the insurers will want healthy
people signed up – that's where the money is

Gregory: Doug you hate big government 
and mandates

Henninger: FDR is being proved
wrong by a slow website in 2013

Gregory: I see

Henninger: in the next two weeks people
will abandon government after
80 years of giving it a chance

Klein: Paul Ryan had exchanges in his plan too

Gregory: thanks for coming guys

[ break ]

Gregory: this week Obama came out
and said we fumbled the rollout

Brokaw: I would have thought Obama
would have been on top of this since
it was so important to him

Gregory: where is Obama's Bobby Kennedy
where's the muscle?

Matthews: he should have had a Obamacare Czar

Murphy: this is crackup and now we
have the midterms coming up

Gregory: fascinating

Murphy: the GOP should now come up
with their policies and run the table

Parker: John Boehner told me that they
will be on the attack for the rest of the year

Matthews: the problem with the Katrina
analogy is the Bush didn't do anything at all
not that he tried and failed

Brokaw: also the GOP still has no plan 
to fix health care

Murphy: that's true – but now we are
allowed to have an alternative

Gregory: what will it be

Murphy: take away from the poor and
give to the middle class

Gregory: people like the idea of not
having pre-exising conditions

Matthews: what if Obama goes to the
Republican party and asks for money for Obamacare?

Parker: they will say no

Gregory: people say this is Obama's Katrina
I say it's more like Obama's Iraq

Parker: no that was different Bush was a hero

Brokaw: the American people don't trust
Obama because he won in Syria
without firing a shot

Murphy: Obama is the most unpopular
politicians of all time

Parker: what if Obama had just agreed
to delay Obamacare for a year in August?

Murphy: the campaign is over – 
now it's time to govern

Matthews: the campaign never ends

Murphy: that's true

Matthews: it's only going to get nastier

Parker: he's been getting bad advice

Brokaw: people are scared of getting
a terminal disease and they blame politicians

Gregory: just want to be healthy and
never pay for insurance – is that so hard?

[ break ]

Gregory: you made a documentary about
the Kennedy assassination and
interviewed Stephen Spielberg

Brokaw: JFK was the perfect guy for his time,
following Eisenhower, it was the tv age –
he was young, glamouros, good looking,
and left with all this unfinished business

Gregory: the Kennedy assassination is
like 9/11 – nothing was same after

Matthews: I studied the JFK the canny
politician – he was trying get re-elected
while working on a civil rights law

Brokaw: I've talked to all his advisors
and JFK was taking a hawkish line 
through 1964 but probably wouldn't have 
gone all-in in Vietnam

Matthews: he was hawkish – but would he
really have put 500,000 troops in Vietnam
I don't think so

Gregory: thanks for coming

Gregory: Ha – Bill Clinton dissed
Obama on health care

Parker: ha ha the Clintons are totally
distancing themselves

Brokaw: don't forget they screwed up
health care in 1993

Matthews: Hillary Clinton is moving 
to the right of Obama

Gregory: ha ha

Matthews: the great thing about Bill Clinton
is he is totally in touch with white people
in a way Barack Obama is not

Murphy: Hillary Clinton is threatened
by Elizabeth Warren

Parker: she is warm and wonderful

Murphy: just like a Bond villain

Brokaw: I love these parlor games
but this is ridiculous

Matthews: Democrats don't like
a coronation – they like a fight!

Gregory: I'm looking forward to it!

Matthews: ha!

Gregory: and that's another episode
of Meet The Press

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