Sunday, June 30, 2013

Meet The Press - June 30, 2013

Pete Williams
Jim DeMint
Ralph Reed
Rachel Maddow
Michael Eric Dyson
Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-KS)
Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)
State Sen. Wendy Davis (D-TX)

Gregory: good morning – Obama is in
South Africa praising Nelson Mandela
for even with decades in prison to refuse
to give up on his faith in humanity

Audience: tough call

Gregory: DOMA was overturned!

Maddow: the court could have
decided the case on federalism grounds
but it went all the way with equal protection

Gregory: Kennedy says DOMA
demeans gay couples and that is wrong

Williams: he used the word “dignity”
ten times – but he also said DOMA
demeans the dignity of states which
we all care about so much

Reed: this court specifically rejected
the argument that there is a right
to be gay married

Gregory: they skipped over it

Reed: look Fluffy most people in 
America don't like gay people

Dyson: do you know
it was illegal for black people to
be married in America for many years

Gregory: you had to shack up?

Dyson: if you polled America in 1965 you 
would have found opposition to civil rights

Gregory: are you intolerant of gay people?

DeMint: Kennedy is denying dignity
to millions of Americans who don't
like gay people

Gregory: what a great argument

DeMint: look gay marriage is better for children

Maddow: Justice Kennedy wrote that
anti-gay marriage laws demeans
children of gay couples

Maddow: look gay people exist - 
you can't make them go away so 
you try to demean them by taking 
away their right to marry

Reed: by that argument you
could say that people like Barack Obama
were intolerant 14 months ago

Maddow: so?

Reed: gay people are icky!

Dyson: people used to oppose civil rights
for African-Americans too

Reed: we're not bigots!

Maddow: lighten up Ralphie

Williams: the court side-stepped
the core question of equal rights for gay people

Gregory: you have proposed a
Constitution ban on gay marriage
how is that going?

Huelskamp: the Supreme Court
re-wrote the Constitution – it's outrageous!

Gregory: wow

Huelskamp: also we should outlaw abortion?

Gregory: what do you have against gay marriage

Huelskamp: look I like gay people
but God hates them – what are you going do?

Gregory: sound reasoning

Huelskamp: also children need a man and woman

Gregory: the research shows kids
need loving marriages regardless

Huelskamp: we have an epidemic of fatherlessness

Gregory: what does that have
to do with gay couples?

Huelskamp: think of the children!

Gregory: Mike Huckabee wrote
after the DOMA ruling 'Jesus Wept'

Huelskamp: he cries at weddings

Huelskamp: the real issue is who
gets to decide – people who hate
gay people or a bunch of justices?

Gregory: will this energize Republicans?

Reed: yes – we're going to amend the
Iowa Constitution to outlaw gay marriage

Maddow: you tried that and failed dipshit

Reed: true but we had a record
turnout of evangelicals

Maddow: and you still lost!


Gregory: what about gay marriage
in every state?

Pelosi: the goal should be no
discrimination – that's what
America is all about

Gregory: but people do oppose it in Arkansas

Pelosi: yes but things are changing fast Fluffy

Gregory: what do you say to
people who say God told them
to oppose gay equality

Pelosi: we are a nation that does not discriminate

Gregory: what about the Voting Rights Act?

Pelosi: we're going to try and fix it

Gregory: can immigration reform pass the House?

Pelosi: congrats to the Senate

Gregory: you called John Boehner
'weak' and a 'dumbass'

Pelosi: since 2012 election the
GOP has suddenly realized that
they need hispanic votes if they
ever want to win another Presidential election

Gregory: Texas wants to limits abortion rights

Pelosi: The GOP want to intrude
in women's health and take away
the decision and hand it to the government

Gregory: do you fear a new
age of erosion of abortion rights?

Pelosi: it's also contraception and
family planning

Gregory: you were booed for not
calling Edward Snowden a hero

Pelosi: he did break the law

Gregory: he's no hero in your mind

Pelosi: no

Gregory: but since Obama was
re-elected I care about the
so-called 'surveillance state'

Pelosi: we should respect the Constitution

Gregory: ok

Pelosi: Obama is not Bush –
Bush broke the law and under
Obama we legalized surveillance

Gregory: well there is a debate about
whether Obama is worse than Bush

Pelosi: should Obama scramble jets to get Snowden

Pelosi: I'm happy he's stuck in a Moscow airport

Gregory: they have a great duty-free shop though

Pelosi: he ran to China and Moscow
that should tell people he's no hero

Gregory: are you endorsing Hillary in 2016?

Pelosi: I'd like to see a woman President 
but first we have to end GOP obstruction

Gregory: what about the VRA?

DeMint: black people are voting
like crazy – Congress cannot rely
on 50 year-old data!

Maddow: if you thought it was 50 year-old
data why did you vote for it Senator?

DeMint: um... it's a good law

Dyson: a bipartisan Congress thought
in 2006 the VRA was just fine

Reed: discrimination against anyone
but gay people is wrong

Gregory: is there a bipartisan basis
to fix the VRA?

Williams: in theory - yes but in reality no

Gregory: welcome Senator Davis

Davis: the fight continues!

Gregory: even women want to
ban abortion at 20 weeks

Davis: this bill would leave Texas
with only 5 abortion clinics in the entire state!

Gregory: well that's still better than nothing

Davis: the College of Obstetricians
and Gynecologists says this bill
will hurt women's health

Gregory: would you accept a 20 week ban?

Davis: what about giving women the choice 
rather than a government bureaucrat?

Gregory: some of my best friends are bureaucrats

Davis: I'm sure they are

Gregory: Governor Perry says because
you didn't have an abortion and went
to Harvard Law school we should ban abortion

Davis: I got to make my own choices
and I'm fighting to give all women those choices

Gregory: anything else?

Davis: he's a moron

Gregory: what about the Supreme Court

Williams: the court may overturn 
Roe v Wade next term

DeMint: women are being killed by
illegal abortions so we should have more of them

Gregory: right

DeMint: also we should give women
the opportunity to have ultrasound

Maddow: this is not an opportunity
to have an ultrasound – but Jim DeMint
insists that he force women to have a
vaginal ultrasound because he's from
the government and he's here to help

DeMint: it's a not required it's an opportunity

Maddow: it's mandated by the state you idiot

Reed: look if we have to have U.N.
troops in black helicopters with guns
drawn breaking down the doors of doctors'
offices that's just the way it has to be

Maddow: wow

Gregory: and that's another
episode of Meet The Press

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ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Pelosi: Obama is not Bush –
Bush broke the law and under
Obama we legalized surveillance

In the interests of killing this nonsense with fire, by 2008 Bush had cooked up the entire FISA-Congress oversight horsecrap that Obama is using now.

It's not better, it's worse. And bigger.