Sunday, June 16, 2013

Meet The Press – June 16, 2013

Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-SC)
Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-GA)
Sen. Mark Udall (D-CO)
Rep. Bobby Scott (D-VA) 
Gen. Michael Hayden (fmr. Director NSA)
David Ignatius
Andrea Mitchell
James Risen

Gregory: Obama wants to arm the rebels

Graham: that's not enough –
we need to create a no-fly zone

Gregory: you think the rebels
can't win with just guns

Graham: also i'm worried about
Lebanon – the whole region
is a powder keg

Gregory: so would you invade Syria?

Graham: Israel could end up
surrounded by enemies

Gregory: oh noe!

Graham: the whole area is about to
explode – I don't understand Obama's
foreign policy – American should
control all countries everywhere

Ignatius: Assad's generals are fleeing

Gregory: can we track guns in Syria
we can't even track them here!

Mitchell: we may get into a
proxy war with Iran

Gregory: great

Mitchell: also because Bush lied
about weapons of mass destruction
so no one believes us anymore

Gregory: Sen. McCain says we can
get involved in a middle east war
risk-free – isn't that crazy considering
you guys freaked over Benghazi?

Graham: no not at all – we must kill
Bashir Assad or the King of Jordan is toast

Mitchell: how do we know we won't
help terrorists get chemical weapons?

Graham: there are no good answers –
but we have a big military so we
might as well use it

Ignatius: what's the best argument
for attacking Syria?

Graham: all the regular Syrians
I know love America

Gregory: is Ed Snowden a traitor?

Graham: I don't know but I've
got a simple view of the world

Gregory: that's why I love you

Graham: I would like to
listen in on terrorists

Gregory: is an immigration bill
going to pass?

Graham: yes – I haven't been
this optimistic since Ashley Wilkes proposed

Gregory: could you expand on that?

Graham: we should invade Syria!

Gregory: who is going to be
elected President in 2016?

Graham: Jeb Bush

Gregory: another Bush?

Graham: this time it will work

Gregory: what makes you so sure?

Graham: Obama caused the recession
and started wars in the middle east

Gregory: is that good or bad?

Graham: good question Fluffy

[ break ]

Gregory: a moderate was
elected President of Iran

Ignatius: it's fascinating –
he's soft on beheadings

Gregory: what should we do in Syria?

Chambliss: we should remove
Assad because he is not good

Gregory: but we might send
arms to crazy people

Chambliss: we're pretty good at
ferreting out the good guys

Gregory: indeed our track
record is spotless

Chambliss: a no-fly zone may
be the ultimate tactic

Gregory: the U.S. says we will
put the guns the right hands

Udall: all we have to do is protect
the Syrian people, contain all weapons
and install a good regime

Gregory: oh is that all

Udall: oh and seize the oil

Gregory: Syria doesn't have any oil

Udall: what fuck it it then

Gregory: is Ed Snowden a traitor?

Chambliss: if he's not a traitor
he's pretty darn close

Gregory: right

Chambliss: the bad guys now
know not to use telephones
which puts American lives at risk

Gregory: what's next for Ed Snowden?

Chambliss: Dancing with the Stars

Gregory: what about NSA surveillance?

Udall: I love PRISM but I think collecting 
the metadata of millions of Americans 
might violate the Fourth Amendment

Gregory: ok

Udall: but my bill would make
it okay to collect metadata
for Americans with a link to terrorism

Gregory: after 9/11 everyone
bashed the NSA for not collecting
enough information

Chambliss: we've stopped lots of
terrorist attacks with these programs!

Gregory: name some

Chambliss: the NYC subway bombing
plot and the Mumbai bombings

Gregory: the Mumbai attacks were not prevented

Chambliss: nobody's perfect Fluffy

Gregory: don't people want
surveillance to prevent attacks?

Udall: why can't the NSA get
a warrant for metadata?

Gregory: maybe they secretly do

Udall: the King of England could
kill people in 1776

Gregory: well I'm sure both sides
were equally guilty

[ break ]

Gregory: will people turn on spying
when more revelations come out?

Hayden: no when people learn more
about how great these programs
they will love them

Gregory: what don't people
understand about how they work?

Hayden: PRISM is content but
only applies to foreigners and
metadata is for Americans but
has no content

Gregory: Obama expanded these programs

Scott: that's a lie

Gregory: I know it is but
I'm required to say it

Scott: the issue is what information
is gathered and what can be accessed
and how can it be used –
like with DNA on arrest

Risen: we created a modern
surveillance structure with no debate

Ignatius: Bush broke the law
with warrantless wiretapping

Gregory: be quiet

Ignatius: these idiot congressmen
whine that they can't bring their
staffs or take notes –
suck it up and do your jobs

Gregory: Snowden – good or bad?

Ignatius: this kid just released this
stuff will nilly - we're still a nation of laws

Mitchell: Snowden is undeniably
brilliant but his internet chats
showed he was very edgy but
still he got top secret clearance

Gregory: I heard he had hipster
glasses and listened to
Mumford and Sons

Mitchell: oh my god

Hayden: Snowden is flat-out lying –
there's no way he could access all
the information he claimed

Mitchell: how would you know –
you're totally clueless

Hayden: you can only access metadata
through a terrorist predicate

Scott: whatever the hell that means

Risen: we only debate these issues
when a so-called traitor tells us
what the government is up to

Gregory: Congress doesn't have the
guts to talk about limiting surveillance

Ignatius: at least Obama tried to
make it legal – although clearly
General Hayden doesn't want
to have this debate

Hayden: I'm scared al-qaeda
will learn that we have civil
rights and exploit that

Mitchell: sweet jesus General
it's like you crave a dictatorship

Hayden: but a safe one

Mitchell: since Benghazi and
the IRS and Monica Lewinsky
I don't trust the NSA

Risen: we have a massive
surveillance state which probably
lead to a police state

Gregory: which leakers do we like
and which don't we like?

Scott: can all this information be
used for ordinary heinous crimes
or trade deals?

Gregory: that's a good question
and I hate it – let's talk about the
rise of the Celebrity Leaker

Risen: the whistleblowing system
is totally broken – the best
method is to go the media now

Mitchell: he could have gone to
his local member of Congress

Risen: Peter King would have him killed

Ignatius: that's a fixable problem
and therefore uninteresting

Risen: I know it's fixable –
that's why I brought it up

Hayden: I hate transparency but
if you all fucking insist on it so be it

Gregory: it's Father's Day -
what did your Dad teach you?

Mitchell: my Dad is 99 years
old and he taught me to fight

Ignatius: my dad was Navy Secretary
under LBJ and taught to never get
involved in a land war in Asia
without a pretty good reason

Risen: my dad always want to
host a Sunday talk show

Hayden: what my dad taught
me is classified

Scott: don't collect information
and tell me you're not going
to use for kidnappings

Gregory: ok

Scott: my Dad fought segregation
and he taught me to challenge
injustice with great dignity

Gregory: and that's another
episode of Meet The Press


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